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Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam

By | 15/02/2018

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or can it help you grow your business   There are many people who are looking of ways to earn a living via the internet, they know it can be done but do they have the skills to make a success out of it ? I was among those looking… Read More »

Beginners guide for SEO

By | 05/02/2018

So what is SEO ? One thing I have learned on my online journey is some of the many terms that get used, it can be quite daunting when you start out . SEO stands for search engine optimization, the easy way I would describe it is much like a library you go there to… Read More »

Amazon affiliate program

By | 02/02/2018

How does the Amazon affiliate program work ? Most people have heard of Amazon and it is a vast market place covering just about everything within the consumer market, if you are looking to promote and sell other people’s products this could be a good starting point.     When you go to the Affiliate… Read More »

Increase traffic to your website

By | 30/01/2018

How to increase traffic to your website   With over one billion websites out there how can you be found ? there are many ways to drive traffic to your website SEO  Social Media Paid advertising Collaboration Search engines Networking Blogging/Content Keyword or phrases I am sure there are others you can add to my… Read More »

What are keywords

By | 17/01/2018

So what are keywords ?? In simple terms a keyword/words is part of a text that you enter to access further information the password in your computer or a key to open a door is on example. When you start writing blogs, posts or articles on your website you have to think along the lines… Read More »

The Black Friday

By | 24/11/2017

 Black Friday Sales   The countdown to Black Friday is underway and globally millions of people are looking for those great bargains. Lots of retailers have spread there offers throughout the week as in the past there have been websites overloaded and crashing, stores almost under siege with people camping out and even actual fights… Read More »