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Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam

By | 15/02/2018

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or can it help you grow your business   There are many people who are looking of ways to earn a living via the internet, they know it can be done but do they have the skills to make a success out of it ? I was among those looking… Read More »

What is a niche market

By | 15/03/2018

So what exactly is a niche market An example of a niche market would be, I have a wedding website I chose this as my very first niche and it was because I used to do catering for weddings, in this website I give tips about planning, saving money and how to choose a venue… Read More »

Jaxxy Keyword tool

By | 08/03/2018

      There many ways to search for f[keywords to create good content on your website, you can do this manually and it is free however it is time-consuming and how accurate is it ! Google offer services such as Keyword tool amongst the many others out there you have to pay for it,… Read More »

Business email lists

By | 03/03/2018

Historically the only mail shots we used to receive were the ones in the post and their was no such thing as just cold calling on the phone, the world is in constant communication and the delivery of information is faster than ever. Over the years marketing has changed at one time everything was mailed… Read More »

What is online marketing strategies

By | 23/02/2018

Understanding the online market   Marketing has evolved over the years, now it is not as simple as creating ad campaigns for bill boards and magazines, with the internet comes a vast market place, giving your business access to a global market, so how do you get your business noticed in this large market place?… Read More »

Best free blogsites

By | 21/02/2018

There are more bloggers than ever since the internet has evolved, some people do not fully understand this new way of content marketing. Being a successful blogger and making money from it requires hard work, comittement and understanding what visitors are looking for.  Great free places to blog WordPress. I’m putting the best foot forward… Read More »

Beginners guide for SEO

By | 05/02/2018

So what is SEO ? One thing I have learned on my online journey is some of the many terms that get used, it can be quite daunting when you start out . SEO stands for search engine optimization, the easy way I would describe it is much like a library you go there to… Read More »