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Hi I am Katie and hail from bonny Scotland, I have worked in many sectors over the years with various roles, my most cherished one is being a mother and from that I became a grand mother yes it has had its ups and downs as with everything in life but would not want to change it for anything, I have been fortunate enough to have traveled quite a bit something I enjoy, also a history lover and especially love seeing some of the great pieces of architect around the worldleaving to go to New York

I have managed and helped set up businesses something I enjoy but due to health reasons found it difficult to find a place back in the conventional workforce, the internet fascinated me, sure I knew how to browse and buy online but I also knew you could build a business and make money from it, I just did not know how to get started, so began my search.

As like everything in life there is a downside, especially scams, have come across plenty of them and parted with money to and I am one of many people caught out by various scams.

However I did come across an opportunity and was a bit wary thinking is it for real this time and could it deliver what it claimed, so I started a journey into the unknown for me anyhow as computers and the internet is not something I grew up with and I have very little technical knowledge, so I took up the challenge and it has been mind blowing anyone who thinks you can shove something up on the internet and instantly make bucket loads of money is mistaken, perhaps for a few this has worked but for the majority it takes time and hard work.

I had stumbled across a program called Wealthy Affiliate it offered an opportunity to try it all out for free and my usual skeptical self said yeah right what is the catch, but it delivered everything and  provided me the tools and education to help me succeed and more importantly an honest way to build an online business, one of my websites is up and building nicely

Working this way not only gives me a sense of purpose and a place in the working community but gives me the time to spend with my family especially my grand children, it provides a flexible working arrangement for anyone looking for a part time income or full time, how much you succeed depends on how much you are willing to put into it.

I have not come across this sort opportunity before, though there are some others for me personally I think Wealthy Affiliate takes me to another level and I learn more each day and more to the point I get satisfaction and enjoy doing it.

Even when I am away I can do some work or training so I can still enjoy my trips to my beloved Scottish islands, so long as I can have internet access I am good to go and if not there is still ways to work for I can put together my posts build new pages in advance and set them to be published as and when.

Am I out of my comfort zone heck yes but it is an exciting journey and I am part of a community of like minded people encouraging, support and giving advice to help me succeed, you to can be part of the journey what do you have to loose other than some of your time, why not follow my blogs share the journey or better still join me and be part of it.


Please feel free to ask me to ask me questions either online or drop me a message



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  1. Ken

    I like both your sites excepting for it is very hard to find your comment box. But I managed. I enjoy your viewpoints they are very well thought out.

    1. admin

      Thank you as with all websites they are a work in progress, appreciate your feedback


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