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By | 11/01/2018
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YES there is , when we think of boot camp we tend to think of a hard assault course to get through, as with any sort of marketing there is hard work but it is a work out of the mind, so what goes on within this type of platform.

I like many other people out there knew the internet is an ever evolving market place not just a source of information, I also knew that there are many enterprising people earning a living with in the online world, trouble is where do you start ? and where can you find the right tools to build such a business.


There are many web hosting companies springing up and offer the opportunity to build a website, gone are the days when you needed to know all about coding, depending on how much you want to spend you can have a choice of many themes, some even offer a free starter website with hosting at a low cost.


Working out the basics can be made difficult by having too many choices, how will we know what works ? and if you like me when I see the word Free I think yeah what is the catch, very few things in life are actually free, however you can get a 7 day Free trial to all area’s with in Wealthy Affiliate this gives you time to try out training and see if it is for you, not everyone is cut out for an online business.


As I started on my journey to dig deeper and explore how can I build a website with no experience, would I be able to understand the process, can I mess it up big time and loose everything that I had created, all these thoughts and questions bombarded me and to be honest I felt it quite overwhelming.


I checked out places like G+ and twitter I had see many different business opportunities around, not too mention various blogs just a bit like this one all giving me their opinion of what would work, the get rich schemes we have all read those, and often the free ebook or newsletter to wet the appetite, then you get all fired up and then comes the reality check you need to pay  more to gain other training and often it is a considerable amount of money, then you feel a bit deflated.


The world at large has been in the grip of recession for a good amount of time now and many people have been deeply affected by it leading them to look for additional work to help balance the books, the job market does not seem to offer the security that was once among employers.


There are many people who simply cannot afford to risk what money they have, or worse still they have paid out sums of money only to see that it was not all singing and dancing as they claimed and ended up losing money. I have been in that position and after a time of wading through various types of business opportunities.bootcamp for affiliates


I came across a program called Wealthy Affiliate, two things caught my eye on the onset and that was, build a website in under 30 seconds and you could test drive it, even earn money , take as long as you like and it was Free to get going,  well the skeptic me said ” yeah right another one”, but I thought well what have I to loose, just give it ago do not get too fired up or have too many expectations.


Off I went and signed up, here is me knowing nothing about internet marketing, building websites and working on building an online business and what did I really know about computers next to nothing I did not grow up with them like the generation today, heck I am a grandmother, I understand conventional business, have helped set up companies, have good admin skills and I can surf the net well enough and that would sum my knowledge of IT skills.


I set off and true to their word I had a website in 30 seconds, took me longer to choose the theme, I explored around the Wealthy Affiliate site and found it also had a community with in it and they are a great source of support and information, however it can cause a bit of confusion when you ask a question and you get many answers that can be conflicting. Started on the training and was just blown away with it so I resolved I would stick with the training finish each task and not deviate from it as I found there was a so much information and resources it felt I just could not take it all in.

believe in yourself

By the end of the first week I could not believe how much I had achieved but the amount I was learning and believe me I am not fastest runner leaving the block.


Week two I had got to the point where I could not wait to get on with my lesson and build some more on my site, started setting goals for myself I think this is very important as you need to know what it is you want from all of this and how long you want to spend on it, gone are the days when you can just about put up anything and get success from it.


I then had to choose a niche so what is a niche, I would define it as finding your spot in the market place, something you have knowledge on or you want to know, passion is needed to get you through those  hard days when nothing seems to be going right, it will  help push you forward.

Do your homework see what people are interested in if it is a broad range narrow it down and find your place with in that market. When people are searching for something they are looking for solutions, you need to highlight the problem then give them the answer.

As I had done a lot of hospitality work in the past especially weddings and it is something I love I went with this as my market trial, is the site perfect no is it building nicely yes it is and I will have to devote time to this, patience is very much needed

Shortly after the basic training I did sign up for the whole package its the best $49 each month I have spent,  there not many ways to start up a business with such a reasonable cost, the training and resources are current and there is so much support, however at the end of the day it comes down to you to take action, the blue print is set out we need to follow it, do the work and put it to the test.


working holiday

Work from anywhere with the internet

Why not join me on my journey and if you have any questions please feel free to ask away. This is my idea of a great office so long as you can access the internet you can work from anywhere, such is the flexibility of working online however you do still need to put the work into it.


Why not take the challenge and see you achieve an great business in the year ahead

Take the challenge





8 thoughts on “Affiliate marketing boot camp

  1. Raymon Spottsville

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I am also a member of this great community and have also been amazed with the support and resources this platform provides. Building a website from scratch is near impossible when you consider the behind the scenes coding, infrastructure, security and content management required to build a professional looking website.
    And yes, we both have built our websites that would literally have cost us thousands had we had professional build them for us; but literally cost us no money at all. Most things in life are not free, but when you happen upon them, there’s an obligation to give back. And this is what we do at Wealthy Affiliate.


    1. admin

      I agree with you on Ray Wealthy Affiliate provides an low cost investment to build a worthwhile business, I am so enjoying all the resources and tools they provide to help us as well as the fantastic community support.. thank you for your feed back

  2. Neil

    Great post on affiliate marketing bootcamp, Cathy.

    I think of the Amerian weight loss TV programs when I hear the term bootcamp, haha.

    This is a very good insight into affiliate marketing and I very much look forward to reading more of your future blog posts.

    Thanks very uch 🙂


    1. admin

      Thank you Neil my journey with Wealthy Affiliate has certainly been a big eye opener and exciting to

  3. Martina

    I agree Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best opportunities for starting an online business.

    1. admin

      So far I have not come across anything else like it, thank you for your comment

  4. Here

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with others. You’re really creating a difference.

    1. admin

      Thank you for stopping by hoping my advice will steer people in the right direction


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