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I am a mature student and have a varied working history, I do love learning and find the online way of working exciting and refreshing

The Black Friday

 Black Friday Sales are back !!     The countdown to Black Friday is underway and globally millions of people are looking for those great bargains. Whether it is retail bargains or ways to help you grow your business, or you might want to start a new venture. Lots of retailers have spread there offers… Read More »

Improve your business with the Cash Juice Plan

Many affiliate marketers constantly seek out the best way to promote products,services,convert their audience and  provide good information to help their audience make informed choices, despite the many challenges out there, this can be a rewarding business or simply an extra income. We are always on the look out for good products and low cost… Read More »

Whisky Galore In Islay

For a number of years I have attended the Islay Whisky Festival and some of my friends thought it was strange as I do not drink alcohol, they now realize that it is not just about the free drams, the thing that fascinates me is about the amount of money that gets spent in the… Read More »

How to create your own video

In the early days the thought of creating my own video freaked me out, I knew you could make them on your phone and share them via social media, however doing one for business purposes seemed a bit more daunting and because of this I kept putting it off, when I look at it now… Read More »

What is a passive income

Over the last years we have seen the economy take quite a few knocks and some still have the opinion that we will see another financial crisis, I like many will be hoping that is not the case. Cost of living has risen and sadly the wages has not risen enough to keep your head… Read More »

What is a niche market

So what exactly is a niche market An example of a niche market would be, I have a wedding website I chose this as my very first niche and it was because I used to do catering for weddings, in this website I give tips about planning, saving money and how to choose a venue… Read More »

What is blog marketing

Can blog marketing really work ? If done correctly using blogs can be very effective in your marketing strategy and there are many successful bloggers out there. So what is blog marketing? It is any process that publicises or advertises a website, business, brand or a service via blog posts, much like writing a article… Read More »

Jaxxy Keyword tool

      There many ways to search for f[keywords to create good content on your website, you can do this manually and it is free however it is time-consuming and how accurate is it ! Google offer services such as Keyword tool amongst the many others out there you have to pay for it,… Read More »