Beginners guide for SEO

By | 05/02/2018
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So what is SEO ?seo made simple

One thing I have learned on my online journey is some of the many terms that get used, it can be quite daunting when you start out .

SEO stands for search engine optimization, the easy way I would describe it is much like a library you go there to look for books which are displayed in categories, titles that are indexed in alphabetical order, with each book there will be an overview of what it is about, when google bots crawl your site this is there overview, so good descriptions and titles play an important part in finding you.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are search engines collecting and sorting out information data every waking moment and people are searching every day for information or to buy products, we need these search engines to bring traffic to our sites without them it would be hard to find our sites.

When we build a site or simply add content to the internet we want our website to be found to do this we must prepare it in a way that the search engine can understand,what it is about and if it is relevant, are people looking for the very thing we are adding.


There are various ways to improve your SEO such as having good keywords, that is words or phrases that are either unique or terms that people enter to search, for example say you want to build a shed,, what would you type in google “how to build a shed” then you have to consider what the competition is for that term, even if there is a lot of competition does not mean you can not do just as well.

Look at what your competitors say and do, is there something you can add or a different angle you can look at that would make your content unique, we all know following instructions can be difficult, can you explain it in a better way to help customers understand it in a easier format.

Generally speaking people will only click through so many pages so ideally your looking to gain number one page and this can be done by placement of keywords, good information, when you add images make sure you include alt tags for them, make it easy for google to understand your image as the bots that crawl the web cannot read images.

Just think how many pages will you click through searching for information or a product are you happy to spend a considerable time digging or do you prefer to cut to the chase quickly? most people I know what it very quickly and do not even look beyond the first page.


You want to build a good site that is easy to navigate and easily understood not only for the search engines but for your visitors to, linking up pages, having categories and posts really helps google as well as guests,  internal linking to other area’s of your website builds a stronger site.

You may decide to have content that links to other useful information and add a hyperlink, this is a link that will take your visitor to other site to access additional useful information. this is an outbound linkcreating links in website

Back links is when another site of authority may link back to your site, always check back links to make sure they are relevant and good quality, google is constantly making improvements to cut down on spammy type sites and poor quality work, so keep good working practices.


Is the address of your pages or posts so try and use keywords in there however do not overdo the use of keywords you can be penalized for it,  use words that make sense do not have a title more than 5 words long google does not care about what comes after theme  i.e. http:// does this tell you what the page is about ? which looks neater and lets you know what that page is about. Which one would you understand better? and will make google happier.

SEO for our website

When we build our sites we will install our own search engine, much like a cog in a bigger wheel there are a few options, there is the All in one SEO or you can test out Yoast both do a good job and help you improve you chances of good positioning within google, bing or yahoo.

Do not use flash this is almost invisible to google much like an image the bots only focus on the text, so even google has its limitations no doubt in the future we will see the bots with artificial intelligence to recognize images like the human eye.

Do not be tempted to use tactics like the black hat method that try and trick google, penalties for such under handed methods you will get punished by google and it could really harm your site, do not copy other people’s work either or used brand names when naming your site big companies will have you take it down.

Social Mediamake use of social networking

This is a very useful method of increasing traffic to your website, however do not just promote yourself please look for other like minded people and promote them as well, you will be surprised how this brings additional following or support back your way, paying it forward is a good work ethic


I can be guilty of over complicating things however practice and tweaking the above techniques can help bring more relevant traffic to your website though it might sound like a difficult process it is not and as you learn more you will gain more insights and confidence.

This is just a basic overview to SEO if you are interested in a more in depth tutorial why not check out this great tutorial taking your from the basis to the more advanced, it might be somewhat lengthy however I is a well presented video.


Should you have any questions just drop me a message and I will get back to you.

5 thoughts on “Beginners guide for SEO

  1. stefan

    Hi Katie, thank you so much for your very informative post. I have experienced awesome ranking results after adding a lot of internal links. When you link to other pages they receive a little bit of authority. Some people refer this as link juicing, am I correct? I have one question though, how do I define a Better structure for my website? Adding categories and subcategories?
    Thanks for your help

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your comment Stefan and you are right google do like internal linking and I do like categories as I feel it helps visitors have a better experience and easy navigation, I also keep external links still on my site rather than a new window hope this is of help to you, SEO seemed so daunting to me when I set and some parts do baffle me at times

  2. Valerie Howell

    Hi Katie,

    I found your site to be useful. I would like to see more WA images in your post. For example, placing screenshots, like the Training offered, so people can get a bigger idea of what’s in store for them. Screenshots are helpful in general. The content is good and looks like your off to a good start.

  3. Neil

    It’s so great to see the basics of SEO broken down because I’ve come across so many different blogs, with SEOs telling me different things. It gets confusing, lol.

    But it’s good to know more about Search Engine Optimization and exactly how it works here. I’ve come across some of the SEO aspects you’ve mentioned but I never realized how keywords actually worked for rankings in Google.

    Thanks for your guidance, and I’ll certainly watch your recommended video on the SEO guide.


    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your comment Neil and I am pleased that is was of some help to you, I wanted to make it simple as I remember when I set out with no experience how confusing and difficult it was at times working it all out


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