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By | 03/03/2018
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Historically the only mail shots we used to receive were the ones in the post and their was no such thing as just cold calling on the phone, the world is in constant communication and the delivery of information is faster than ever.

Over the years marketing has changed at one time everything was mailed out and adverts where all physically done with the growth of the internet more and more business are more focused on the online advertising method, it is reported that around 95% of google’s revenue comes from online advertising,

Even thought it is a bit of a mine field getting you message out their according to statistics generated by Statista globally $229,25 billion dollars was spent for digital advertising and it is estimated that it will continue to grow with predictions of $335.48 billion dollars being spent by the year 2020.

Will email marketing still be relevant in the years ahead building your email list

Email marketing and building lists will be around for sometime, however it will take on a new-look as new email apps are developing all the time and is still very much part of the way we communicate. According to DMA email tracker email receives 30% more attention and 95% of all respondents rate it as either ” very important” or ” important” to their organization.

Despite that their is still serious competition to get attention from you subscribers, recently I have seen an increase from the written message to a short video with in the email, if you are like me I would rather watch the video than read through it all, maybe I am a bit lazy, I just know I retain information better visually.

Email has been around from the late 60s and whilst social media is growing rapidly not everyone uses it, but most people have an email addresses. I cannot stress enough the importance of taking care of you lists, reassure people you will not give their information to any third parties.

Do not bombard them with too many emails or offers as you will end up with them unsubscribing and perhaps not visiting you site anymore.

Jay at Magiostudios and trainer for Wealthy affiliate offers a good step by step guide to getting started and breaks it down is easy parts, if you want to take a look click here

Getting started

To get started building you lists, you will either gather this information from the sales point or from traffic going to you website, you might even network and have business cards you give out.

So why would someone give you their email address ? you need to think what will benefit you customer or visitor to you site this can be done by offering discounts, early preview of products, competition or a free giveaway. Digital downloads in the way of an e book is one way and quite easy to do.

They give you their email address and you send them a welcome message with a link to you giveaway product or you could have a landing page on you website.

Work this out before you start you campaign.


Choosing you auto responder.

What is an auto responder ? It is a program designed to create automatic responses to send out to you specific email lists. Although you can do this sort of thing from you email provider it is not practical to do this for emails coming in from you customers, for example say you have 1000 email addresses this is quite a mail shot and you standard email account could not cope with email list giveaway

Depending on how big you email list grows will be a factor is how much it will cost you to manage and send out all you messages each week or month. To get building go with a free service to start with, that gives you a chance to get used to it and if you happy with it you can upgrade later.

Some popular auto responders to consider, make sure you take a good look before deciding which one meets you needs.


  • Aweber this is one of thee most popular and would suite small to medium business, 30 day free trial/£19 per month
  • MailChimp. offers a forever free plan which allows you to send 12,000 emails for up to 2,000 subscribers. Their paid plans start from $10/month.
  • icontact 30 day free trial then it seems to jump to $32 per month
  • Constant Contact. Offer a free 60 day trial then it is around $20 per month
  • InfusionSoft. …
  • GetResponse. Offer a free 30-day trial then it is $15 per month

My two choices

Mail chimp they do give you a good service and the free option would give you the opportunity to really try it out, who does not like to save month when building a business.

A quick walk through video.


Again this one offers a free option as you business grows you will have to consider using a paid service, with their free service you can send up to 600 emails per day, have unlimited contacts their are limitations and to get most of their features you would have to get their premium package which is $39 per month.



Email marketing in only one aspect of you marketing strategy but done right it can play a big part in growing you business, if you are new to building an online business it can seem daunting however as with most things you will not master it until you try it out.

When I set out everything just seemed so above me and it took me longer to grasp the whole process, yes their will be mistakes along the way but that is how we learn, to quote Einstein, he was asked how did it feel to fail 2000 times, his reply was ” I learned 2000 ways which the bulb did not work”.

You will have some email campaigns that will do well and others that will flop and that is fine, just try another way, make sure you track you links, this can be done through google analytics or some of the responders offer this as well.

A good plugin for wordpress called Sumome offers a great free platform for you social media as well as tools to track and capture email addresses. Used correctly this can get your business started as I have said before using a free option is enough to get you going and gives you the chance to try out your first email campaign.

Do not delay getting started once you know you are having regular traffic to you website get going on offering something of use to you visitor in return for their email address.

As your business grows you will develop different lists based on your products or services, make sure you are consistent in communicating with your customers, make it relevant and of value to them.





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