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How to create your own video

In the early days the thought of creating my own video freaked me out, I knew you could make them on your phone and share them via social media, however doing one for business purposes seemed a bit more daunting and because of this I kept putting it off, when I look at it now… Read More »

What is blog marketing

Can blog marketing really work ? If done correctly using blogs can be very effective in your marketing strategy and there are many successful bloggers out there. So what is blog marketing? It is any process that publicises or advertises a website, business, brand or a service via blog posts, much like writing a article… Read More »

How to create a ebook

Just about everyone is familiar with ebooks, so have you considered creating your own ebook as a marketing tool, if not why not ? not all books are novels, there are many self help books, how to do books and the list goes on, perhaps you have a niche which is your hobby could be… Read More »

What are keywords

So what are keywords ?? In simple terms a keyword/words is part of a text that you enter to access further information the password in your computer or a key to open a door is on example. When you start writing blogs, posts or articles on your website you have to think along the lines… Read More »