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Whisky Galore In Islay

For a number of years I have attended the Islay Whisky Festival and some of my friends thought it was strange as I do not drink alcohol, they now realize that it is not just about the free drams, the thing that fascinates me is about the amount of money that gets spent in the… Read More »

What is a passive income

Over the last years we have seen the economy take quite a few knocks and some still have the opinion that we will see another financial crisis, I like many will be hoping that is not the case. Cost of living has risen and sadly the wages has not risen enough to keep your head… Read More »

Amazon affiliate program

How does the Amazon affiliate program work ? Most people have heard of Amazon and it is a vast market place covering just about everything within the consumer market, if you are looking to promote and sell other people’s products this could be a good starting point.     When you go to the Affiliate… Read More »

Affiliate marketing boot camp

IS THERE SUCH A THING?? AS AFFILIATE BOOT CAMP YES there is , when we think of boot camp we tend to think of a hard assault course to get through, as with any sort of marketing there is hard work but it is a work out of the mind, so what goes on within this… Read More »

Work at home Business idea’s

Overview of work at home Business idea’s? The role in the workplace for woman/men has dramatically changed over the years, with many woman  trying to balance bringing up a family and meet the demands of a career bearing this in mind is it any wonder we are living in a world were more people are… Read More »

How to earn money on the internet

  Now that Christmas and New Year have passed are you ready to learn how to earn money on the internet. Are you looking to change jobs , start a new career or have a more relaxed way of earning a living. We all hear of New Year’s resolutions and many people make them but… Read More »

Business and the Internet

  Globally there has been a recession and although things appear to have improved in part, many people are still struggling with the cost of every day living costs, and looking for ways to achieve financial freedom, or increase their income and enjoy a better quality of life   So how do we see business… Read More »