How to be the best you can be !

By | 16/01/2018
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Do we really think about the person we are !


Every year when a new one begins many people set themselves resolutions yet before we get to the end of January we have already lost the will to keep on track, is this really the time to make those promises ? be a better person


So what can we do to make those changes in our lives, firstly we need to really know what it is we want, without knowing this we are like a ship without a rudder lost and no direction, we also need to allow time for the changes be realistic, often we set ourselves up to fail before we even get off the starting blocks and most people quit just before they reach success.

Write down what it is you want to achieve, not all goals are equal in terms of time, do you have the passion without this it becomes hard work, do you feel inspired by the prospect of change if not you need to find it, this can be something as simple as a quote by someone you admire.

You cannot change your life without letting go of what you have as change needs space to grow, so if you have hangups get rid of them, be the person you are not what you think others need to see in you, how many times do you see someone stuck in  a job they hate but fear of failure keeps them there, it eats away at them and dulls their senses, often making them miserable and others around them.

People will only tolerate being around negative people for so long, no one wants to get dragged down with you, choose to hang out with upbeat people, try and help others along the way but if you feel there is no progress or it is impacting on you negatively step back, we can show people the way, encourage them however it is them that have to walk the path and make the changes.

We have a world of great technology which opens doors for opportunities that never existed before, the online world can be a good place to create a new career or it can swallow you up leaving you feeling deflated once more.finding solutions

The internet can be a great place or a place that drags you down, it is awash with information not all of it is useful though, but hey is this not life in general anyhow, I always liked two particular songs not sure of the correct song title one goes like this ” Life is like a roller coaster” the other way  says ” I am like a room without a roof”, so what are they expressing.


The up’s and down’s of life, at time’s you feel you want to get off the roller coaster but it is going to fast, the other reminds me of limits, do you limit yourself ?  remind yourself the only limits you set are the ones you make, can you still remember the days you accomplished an achievement you have been working on,, how good was that feeling.

Life will always throw us a curve ball or two it is not the challenge itself that deflates us it is the way we deal with it that makes a difference, sometimes we just have to suck it up and dig our heels in, take a breath and press forward.

There is absolutely no point in stressing and pacing over matters we have no control over, the only real thing in this world we can control is ourselves, even if we are physically restrained you can  still be free within our minds.

We live in a fast paced world, it seems we scurry about like ants, constantly working, stressing which has led to an increase in depression and more sick days off than ever, build up that places lack open space, dark mornings and nights take its toll as well.

Another think we often here is “Where do you see yourself in 10years ?” sometimes we are either living too much in the past or we are in the future and then we wonder why we feel at a loss, we need to have our plans for the future but we would be much happier living in the moment.

So how can we the best we can ?

This is just my idea and what works in my life, however remember until you put something to the test you will never know it if lift another

  • Help others along the way does not need to be big acts of service a simple smile could be the only warmth that person sees in their day
  • Be grateful for what you have, find joy in any given day media is relentless and often it is not the good things that happen each day, I know what goes on but choose to focus on the positive side
  • If you receive an act of kindness pay it forward 
  • Take time to take stock of where you are at in terms of work, relationships anything you are working on even if it is once a month
  • Understand who you are and what you want
  • Always stretch yourself, you do not have to spend hours on it, try doing something new each day
  • If you are really unhappy in your work find another job 
  • Learn New Skills  this might just help change your career
  • Make time for your physical and mental health, take walks does not have to be a marathon
  • Keep a journal of your progress when you have a good day or something great has happened write it down, read it on days you feel low
  • Deal with your fear, what keeps you in the same place remember time never stops and life always continues moving forward
  • When water does not flow it becomes stagnant and slowly decays, life is about living
  • Always try and have a plan B for even with the greatest planning, life has other idea’s at times
  • Be yourself and believe in yourself
  • Push yourself but do not be too hard on yourself
  • Be realistic about goals and the time, tick them off your list once you have completed them especially if they are daily ones, feels great when you can see how productive you have been
  • Goals are not just for professional workers they are for everyone we all have a purpose it is  up to us to find it.
  • If you do not have something that fufils you work towards it but just do not stay in the same place
  • Do not over complicated things, I am guilty of this, look for solutions not problems
  • Challenge yourself even if it is only one thing.
  • Create a vision board of what it is you want to accomplish
  • There is always something to learn each day, make it count


Now some of my list might not resonate with you and it might seem I do not have enough for myself let alone help another, giving someone a bit of your time to help is the most valuable gift you can give, we can all be busy, it need not cost you financially or take up your whole day , it is up to you what you do or give, the small things that can make the biggest changes,what if you could do more in life

We live in a world filled by selfishness, greed, corruption and the list goes on, but part of being a better person is by looking outward as well as inward. Mistakes do not define you as a person they are part of the learning process, no one is perfect the possibilities are endless the ability to change lies with ourselves only you can do it. no amount of help and support will work unless you put it into action, so be bold start making those changes today.


Some people find it hard to change however it can be done, just take small steps at a time, the more you take the easier it becomes, reassure yourself that your ok with this.


Need a bit more insight ! watch this is a great talk and I think hits the nail on the head and it is a tool that could just help you.




4 thoughts on “How to be the best you can be !

  1. Avareth

    I love this, and especially love the points you list toward the end that can help with self improvement. There are a lot of good ones. There is always room for growth in our everyday experiences and we can choose to take these steps for them. The little things we choose to do to grow really do make huge differences. The first step is always deciding to go through with little goals, and then slowly growing toward bigger goals. People that set some pretty big goals on for the New Year could really benefit from reading this.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your comment and I agree often people set their goals to high in a unrealistic time frame, working you way through small things leads to the bigger changes, New Year is always the biggie then before you get to the end of the month it falls by the wayside

  2. Dave


    i cant even explain how useful this article was, because sometimes i loose my self, i get too confused that i can not tell what i want in my life where i am going or where i am headed, it at such points when i want to jump off the roller coaster and still i fear what will happen if i do, i can not seem to be able to make a choice, at times like this i tend to value death more than life itself

    1. Katie Post author

      Gosh that does sound worrying, however I have since learned that it is pointless to worry about what is not in your power to change. I can be like that on days and have to give myself a talking to. Breaking down what it is you need to deal with does help, so whatever is the most pressing focus on that, when too much is coming at us it can be overwhelming take a step back find something to relax, music is my thing or a nice walk in the woods helps. Glad it was of some help to you, thanks for reading my article


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