How to build websites

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How easy is it to build websites?

Building a website in the past required quite a lot of skill, webmasters needed to understand code. Now there are many places that offer templates to get you going with some basic guides, however not everyone knows how to go on to fully develop a  functional and working website.


So what if I told you that it can put a basic website together in less than one minute and  learn skills to build an online business, would that be of interest to you !

We can to it poster

Together we can


  •  Not only can it be done but you can have training to walk you through the whole process. should you want ot go on to more advanced techniqes then you can upgrade to premium
  • You can try it and test it all out for free
  • Excellent training
  • Great support
  • Take as long as you like
  • Free hosting
  • Two free websites


  • When I started out at Wealthy Affiliate I was a bit skeptical for I had tried a few other programs but did not know how to take it further, but as I progressed through the training I just could not believe how much information was available to help me succeed, at times there was so many resources I felt overwhelmed so I decided till I felt more confident I would just follow the training course closely.


be different

stand out from the crow

Was it easy in parts yes and at other times I thought I could throw my laptop out the window, but as I progressed I could see it come together, I have enjoyed every moment and I am also part of a great community with like minded members who are always on hand to give assistance should I need it.

Training is current and takes you through each stage of the development and do not forget you can test drive everything for free at your own pace, there are not any other programs I know that offers this.

So how does this all work, here is what you get with the Wealthy Affiliate program and remember this is a place to gain the right tools to build or improve on your online business.


As you can see from the table there are two types of membership, however even with the free membership you have at your disposal enough tools to build a website for free together with training to help you build on online business and there is no time limit on your free membership.

Why not try it out and see how you get on :

Once you go onto creating an account all you have to do is select a theme of your choice then you are good to go. There are many people who would like to try and build an online business doing it this way gives you the opportunity to test the waters.
Some will go on to find it is not what they thought and its not for them, at least they have had the chance to explore their options for free.

Quick summary of how to build websites:

  • Get a starter account
  • Select a theme
  • Follow training course 
  • Finish all required tasks
  • Go at your own pace
  • Ask questions
  • Have a trial site


And most importantly have fun with it, what is your passion, what do you want for your future is there something holding you back .

dream big


Develop a plan of action write down how you will set out to achieve your goals and take action



4 thoughts on “How to build websites

  1. Jhen Pacatang

    I love the post especially the quick summary on building the website. And I agree with all your claims, Katie. WA is awesome!

    1. admin

      Thank you for stopping by and I so agree with you WA offers great tools and resources to building a great website and business

  2. Beverly-S

    I’ve been checking out your website here and I love all your work. I really love how you share a bit of your “story” with most posts. As it’s very inspirational. Thanks for sharing such great tips and value!

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you I am hoping it will be of help to those looking to build an online business or people just looking to become self employed


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