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By | 14/02/2018
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your own ebook library

Just about everyone is familiar with ebooks, so have you considered creating your own ebook as a marketing tool, if not why not ? not all books are novels, there are many self help books, how to do books and the list goes on, perhaps you have a niche which is your hobby could be anything from gardening to fishing.

Before you get started, points to consider

Ok so you want to get writing a ebook, have you selected the topic, what is it you want to share with your visitors, will the book be of use, can it be a solution to something they are looking for.

  • Get the outline of the content you will be putting together
  • Keep it simple
  • If you are showing someone how to build something make the steps easy
  • Can you find something that no else has found, that you can use as a guide which makes things easier
  • What is your competition
  • Research, you must do this to see what competition there is and what visitors are search for.
  • Understand keywords if you are not sure, this article might help
  • Will you have a give away ebook or will you be selling it
  • Marketing your book, will you use someone like Amazon
  • Decide how long the ebook will be, 100’s of pages is not neccessary needed
  • Designa good book cover this can be done at Canva
  • Will it be a free book or consider what price it would sell for.


What programe can you use to create a ebook

There are a number of platforms that can assist in putting your ebook together.

  • Ibooks author
  • Microsoft word
  • Kindle (This can be done with in the amazon platform)
  • Scrivener
  • Adobe in design
  • Calibre

get your tasks done

Now if you feel that it is not something you can do on your own, you can pay for someone to do it for you, the downside of that is it will cost you and they may not capture what you want to convey.

There are places like and upwords that can provide this service for you, however it you want to do a lot more with ebooks it would be better for you to do the work yourself.



Coming up with idea’s

You may already know what you want to write about but if you do not know, do not panic there are a number of things you can do to find a great topic.

  • Sign up for google trends, it is free and is useful, just choose your interests and alerts will come to your email box
  • There is a program called Jaxxy, that can break everything down for you, shows your competition, how popular your subject or product is. There is a free trial if you want to try it out.
  • If you have a interest is a physical product you want to promote, go to Amazon and type in top sellars in the category you are looking to go into.
  • If you are wanting to write a novel that is a different matter, you can self publish getting started with Amazon is pretty straightforward. my daughter does this and is doing well, she uses screvener to get the formatting and writing done.
  • Do you have a hobby that you are passionate about.


Ebook giveaway

You may want to use a Ebook as a giveaway for example you want to build a email list of potential customers you could use this as a marketing tool, once the sign up you then email them with a link to download the book.

If you are wanting to use this method to build your email list please remember you will need a autoresponder, there are some that have a free option which is great to get started, however if it reaches the set limit it will then start occuring costs, but it is worth it and if your serious about developing your business this will be needed.

To creat your book cover you can use Canva this is a great place to do this as well as other things such as posts for social media, or a logo, they have a free option and it is more than enough to meet your needs

If your are struggling to come up with headline titles that stand out Sumome have a good tool to help with idea’s there are no shortage of resources to assist you in coming up with a good ebook.write creative content


Steps to Create and Sell an eBook on Your Website

  • Step 1: Create your eBook.
  • Step 2: Format the eBook.
  • Step 3: Proof reading
  • Step 4: Get a cover that sells your eBook. (Canva gives a good selection for free or use your own images)
  • Step 5: Converting your eBook.
  • Step 6: Add your eBook to your website
  • Step 7: Promoting your eBook. (social media is a good way to do this)
  • Step 8: Keep track of your sales.

You can either sell your ebook straight from your own website or use somewhere like Amazon, self publishing has never been so easy these days.



Coming up with killer topics and headlines

Depending on what type of Ebook you will create having a good topic and unique headlines is a must, this is where you keyword research comes in always try and have they flow naturally and if possible with in the headline and first paragraph. Do not be tempted to have too many keywords (keyword stuffing you can get penalized by google for this, have your writing flowing naturally)outlining your ebook

Not sure about what topic to select try having a look at Think with google this is a very useful resource and there is a good selection of what topics are trending some interesting insights.

For creating headlines try using something like Headline generator very easy to use just type in your topic and it will come up with suggestions, some might be a off however you should be able to find something that would be a good match for your article.

How good are your headlines, are they unique, do they stand out, another useful resource to help you is Headline analyzer by CoSchedule headline analyzer, from here you would simply type in your headline and it will let you know effective your headline is, gives a score it a score and breaks down areas like common words, unique content, emotional appeal and lets you know if you headline is the right size.

Having a ebook can be used as a promotional purposes and if you are converting it to a pdf file you can alsways use something like drop box for customrs to access it.

A typical ebook can range from around 50,000 words and if your writing a novel or biography it could be as many as 2000,000 words., the saying goes that everyone has at least one book in them





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