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By | 24/04/2018
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In the early days the thought of creating my own video freaked me out, I knew you could make them on your phone and share them via social media, however doing one for business purposes seemed a bit more daunting and because of this I kept putting it off, when I look at it now really do not understand why I did this, for it is an enjoyable experience and with the various choices of apps and software out there it has never been so easy to create a video.


Platforms you can create a video from:

One of the main places to create and upload your video is YouTube though there has been changes of late it is still a great place to create your very own channel, it averages 1.5 billion users every month and they spend at least one hour per day.

Google is the largest search engine and they own YouTube and they are the second largest search engine, so if you are not on there consider getting started, create good headlines, to find great keywords go here.

Think YouTube is too crowded check out this video great run down for the year ahead.


Lumen 5

This is something I have been experimenting with lately, do like the simplicity of creating a video and adding the music, the drag and drop feature makes it quick and easy, there is a free membership however as with most things you only get a limited service however it is enough to get you going.

I just love this platform and will be certainly doing more with it, they say a 60-second video is all that is needed to capture an audience in the advertising world, it seems quite short to me, having said that if you are like me, I simply like getting to the point and do not like long-winded ads or articles.

These days you can create a video with just about any device and it would seem most people these days want information quickly and to the point, creating a visual story to convey your message or training is the growing trend.

Easy steps to making a video on your computer

  • Do you have a decent web this is important
  • Make sure your images are high quality
  • Choose what software you prefer perhaps something like movie maker which is suitable for windows 10 if you have a Mac try out imovie
  • Make sure you know how to work your webcam
  • Checkout training using whatever software you choose to make your video
  • Prepare your images before getting started
  • The it is as simple as pressing record and save your video
  • Download it once done then you can upload it either to your website, YouTube or share on social media



Make a video with your phone

  • Find an app to help you make a video, something like Adobe Premiere Clip ( this one is free) and quite good
  • Go to your camera
  • If the camera is already turned on simply drag the indicator to the record icon
  • To zoom in on your images just tap the upper and lower part of the volume key
  • Make sure you have the video light on, to do this just tape the video settings icon
  • Hit the flash and tap on.
  • Again simple and easy to share on social media

It is very easy to do and it always makes me smile when my grandson creates his video’s and he is only 11yrs old, naturally the quality will vary depending on how good the camera is on your phone, if you feel it’s not try downloading good quality images.

You will find most apps also have a selection of music for you to add to your video the choices may not be a lot especially if you are using a free app, but I still feel you can get a decent video done for free and once you get the hang of it you can always upgrade later.

Make sure you always use a trusted app to make your video the last thing you want is a security issue or a nasty virus let loose on your phone.


Use a camera/video recorder

Many cameras now have the video recorder feature built in these days and depending what it is you want to recorder will depend on how much you will need to invest in buying one.

I use a Praktica Z250 compact digital camera, it has 20 m/pixels and 5 x wide zoom lenses I think it is a good compact camera great for on the go as it is not bulky and fits in a handbag easily.

It has good quality images and the video quality was better than I expect for a budget price, took it on holiday with me and am very happy with it. It certainly is worth considering a camera with video feature, tools for enhancing maybe limited with certain models, again it will come down to what you need it for.


Want to know more about this camera just click the image below



These are only a few ideas to get you started in your video making journey, unless you need it professionally for making music video or a movie you do not need to spend a lot of money to get the job done, with the right device and software you can easily create a good video for personal or business requirements.

Even children are creating video’s these days and they seem to have a lot of fun with it, perhaps us adults overthink the whole process of just getting it done.

Why not test the waters and try to have some fun in the process, even if you just want to create one for family memories add your pictures, music and you can watch them at anytime, saves collecting all those photos that seem to end up stored away in boxes for years to come.

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