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By | 16/05/2016
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Learn new digital skills to grow your business.


Are you a google Analytics user ?  then you already know how to keep track of your performance online. Did you know Google now offers free digital training to everyone who’s interested in tuning up their online skills?searching google



The Digital Garage from Google is a new, free service that helps you increase your knowledge of all things digital, from websites and tracking to online marketing and beyond.

Sharpen up the digital skills you need to grow your business, your career or just your confidence. It’s really easy to get learning.

Your three steps to success.

  •               Choose the topics you’d like to brush up on.
  •               Create a learning plan that’s right for you.
  •               Start learning with dozens of free tutorials to help you succeed online
  •               Learn new digital skills to grow your business.

It is an easy to follow training course and is suitable for beginners and you can progress at your own pace, after each short video presentation you will get asked questions, this is to make sure you are learning the key factors.

As you progress through you do earn badges, some people feel if they can add certain credits to their work it will help develop trust and confidence in visitors coming to their websites it is of help if your are looking to build websites or your own training on certain topics.

One of the great features of video modules is that you can go over it as many times as you need to and follow it step by step, being  a visual learner I find this method works really well for me.

Google wants to help us understand , grow ,succeed with our business and they have provided a easy to follow guide in how to achieve the desired outcome,  which is why they have created free training for those wishing to have an online presence , I remember all too well how I struggled as a complete newcomer to the world of online business.

As well as the video presentations they also offer you the transcript which is useful if you wish to keep notes, I do not know about you however when I set out to develop a online business and a social media presence I found many of the google jargon hard to grasp this would have been very useful had this been around then.

As well as the various topics there are also some other useful related links such as digital jargon buster helping you to understand the language of the online terms.manage your online learning

Training methods such as this open doors of opportunities to people of all ages we are now seeing many baby boomers as we call it stepping into the online marketing place and not just to shop I belong to a community called Wealthy Affiliate inside of this community we learn many aspects of building an online business.

One of the resources Wealthy Affiliate offers is the chance to build two free sites and get the basic training to do this, the building of the site is not that difficult understanding the methods to create a solid working business can be the challenging part however it does work.

Learning online is a simple and easy flexible way to build skills however it does have its downside such as keeping focused and motivated.

What back up support is there if you find it difficult to grasp, managing your time wisely and setting a schedule that you have to follow will help as does adding a time limit on when you want to complete each stage of your course.

It is all too easy though to get distracted or procrastinate keeping yourself on track could be one of the biggest challenges you face after all they do say the biggest saboteur of our dreams and goals is ourselves.


Google also run a selection of free courses on Udacity such as developing Android apps all the courses start at beginners level and work through to advanced, not all the courses are free so you would have to go through those your are interested in and check, on the left side of the page you can select the free option to see what is available.

So if you simply want to increase your skills, build your career or start your own business there is a number of free options that gives you the chance to try it out and see if this is the way you want to go.

We do not want to be spending our hard earned money on courses that will not serve the purpose or you find to get to what your really need there are hidden costs I cannot stress enough on checking out all the facts first before committing yourself to something.Motivate yourself

I have to say I am so enjoying adding to my skill sets and it has been a interesting and frustrating journey at times especially when I had to start right from scratch and you would be surprised just how varied the age group is building an online business, have come across 70 year old members building an online business and no matter how slow it takes just keep on going, building an online business is a low cost, low risk way to get started.

Another thing to remember when working from home or building an online business is to have fun with it make sure you take breaks, try and meetup with like minded entrepreneurs, check out somewhere like your local business networks or go to

There are many ways to learn and earn from just about anywhere so long as you have an internet connection , you do need to have the time and the patience to get it all flowing and depending what skills you bring to the table, how much you put into it will determine how quickly you can achieve your goals.

Do not let the fear or doubt stop you from at least trying out something new, if you never try you will never know the same way as if you never ask it is always no. Want to join me in a great like minded community with the opportunity to build a free online business, be in the know and check it out.

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