How to make money from a website

By | 04/12/2015
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When friends or family hear your building a online business what do they often ask “how do you make money online”? not every one takes working from home seriously.

The question we should ask ourselves is “how to make money from a website and can I make this work, yes you can, and we can start by monetizing .

What does this mean? simply put your are adding links to promote and sell either your own products or other people’s products, as well as promoting and selling you might decide to add advertising space, such as adsense from Google or you may know a retailer who would like to place an ad.

how to earn from blogging

create free blog

Most large retailers offer affiliate programs, one way to find out if they have a affiliate program is go to their website often at the bottom they will have various options such as about us or you can type in something like ( this is just an example).

As well as direct methods there are also many dedicated websites that give you a selection of affiliate programs that are available in any given industry from goods to services such as insurance.

I have listed some of the better known places to look for affiliate programs, this is in no particular order nor does it mean they are the best one’s, as with everything they may not be suited to you.

  • CJ (commision junction)
  • ShareASale
  • Clickbank
  • Affiliate window
  • Aflite

If promoting and selling other people’s products do not appeal to you , there are other ways you can offer advertising space or have google adsense, Amazon have native adverts which is another option.

You need to ask yourself what are people looking for usually it is information to help make a choice or a solution to a question they have, for example say you want to buy a new mobile phone unless you have your mind firmly set on one in particular generally you go throw lots of different phones.

Now if your like me I will look at reviews to see if it has the features that I want and lets face it not everyone is interested or understands technical stuff, so you just want the overview does it have a camera, or can I access the internet, is it value for money.

There are various methods to monetize your site promoting products or services for other providers I am always on the look out to see how trends are coming along, this is not about selling it is about sharing your experiences with others and showing them how to achieve their goals.

how to earn from online

What is your passion

Do you like to write ? could you offer a service by writing posts or article’s for other website owners or retailers, want to get started here are a few places you can explore.

  • Are you passionate about motor cycles you can share your experiences and get paid to ride try out Open Road Journey
  • How about technical stuff are you good at that can you write or even resell in this area try out Snapt
  • Do you have a military background or do you have a interest in this area check out DefenceTalk global cover
  • Perhaps you are interested in general talk on life interests that are focused on woman matters have a look around BlogHer

These are only a few of the various types of blogging or writing platforms around so what is your passion? if this the way you want to go, want to know more you can always drop me a message and I will try and match you up to your interests.

Learning to build a business online is time consuming ,hard work and takes time to establish much the same as a conventional bricks and mortar business, however I do feel there are in some ways more advantages such as over heads, no rent and rates and you can set your own work load not to mention working hours.

It did take me time to get my head around the concept and how do I deal with marketing especially as the internet is a global audience, social media is another tool used for marketing so this is yet another aspect that needs to be understood.

Ask me for a business plan and how to set up a small business and it flows so easy of the tongue, the internet is vast the prospects vast the opportunities vast so the biggest challenge is to narrow it down and decide what will be your niche.

business dreams and ideas

Is your brain on overdrive

Who will be your clients and do I stay with in my own country or do I go for a wider audience, often the brain is in overdrive and at times seems overwhelming.

Lets face it we suffer with information overload these days and just about any question can be answered within minutes.

The bottom line most people want to know is, does it work, how long will it take, can I do it, is it instant and how much can I earn or if they are buying we all want a bargain, quality and good value for money.

If you are serious about building a new mindset, lifestyle and a more flexible way of working why not get started now


6 thoughts on “How to make money from a website

  1. Clark

    Some great information in this article. Nowadays more and more people are trying to work from home as it would give us more time to be with our family, not to mention the flexibility of the working hours.

    You’re providing useful information here. Please keep it up!

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your comment, there are many opportunities in working from home it is just finding the honest one’s quite a few scams about I would like to think I can point the way for those seeking these opportunities

  2. Darren

    I have come across many ways to work online and all of them seem so bogus. all my friends show me these websites that pay you for taking surveys and one that pays you for watching videos. And it really just looks so scammy. But recently I’ve heard about affiliate marketing and It started to make sense.

    So you use these companies you mentioned (commission junction, ShareASale, Clickbank, Affiliate window)to earn money from people who come to your website?

    so how much does it cost to make a website? Also, I’m not sure how to build websites? is it a computer program? When I was younger my friend showed me this javascript book and it was very confusing.

    I recognize that people spend a lot of money online./ I just haven’t learned how to be someone who earns it.

    TThis sounds like the first legitimate start yet.

    1. Katie Post author

      Hi Darren thank you for stopping by in answer to your question there are genuine places to go to complete survey’s and watch video’s however you need to really put a lot of time into them to build up money, I have used places such as Commission junction, affiliate window and places such as Amazon, they are genuine and you do get to see your stats and commission you make payment method is usually paypal or bank some do pay be cheque. Some investment is require to build an online business just like any business though it is not so much the building of a website it is learning marketing, understanding keywords, how to get the best out of search engines such as google. Wealthy Affiliate is a good education program that teaches the skills needed to make it work

  3. Lauren Kinghorn

    What a lovely take on making money online, Katie. I love the original ideas you listed in your “do you like to write” section, and what a clever idea to offer business plans.

    1. Katie Post author

      I am glad you enjoyed the post, I do feel the internet offers opportunities to accommodate any passion you have for something and that could be used to help earn some additional income or even a full time income


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