How to relieve stress

By | 27/02/2017
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How to relieve stress in the workplace

No matter where you work there is always an element of stress involved even if you enjoy the work you do, we all have commitments and deadlines to meet and this can becoming stressful and demanding.

Companies these days place so many more demands upon us looking for more productivity for the same amount of money or even less.How to deal with stress

In a recent report compiled by the Health and Safety executive it shows that the amount of time missed at work relating to health,depression and anxiety for the year 2015/2016  accounted for 37% of illness related time off work.

The most affected sectors seem to be in Health, Teaching,Business, Media and public service jobs, we often see work force cutbacks, staff leaving and not being replaced, putting more pressure on the other workers and heavier workloads.

Often people commit too much to work for fear of being made redundant, not getting promotion and time restricted work loads.

So how can you help reduce the stress levels ?

The first step is to take care of yourself you can do this by making sure you have enough sleep, have a healthy breakfast without rushing it and if you have to eat on the go try having a nutrition packed smoothie.

Make some time for exercise it does not have to be a marathon could be something as simple as using the stairs instead of the elevator or having a walk in your lunch break, take your full lunch break do not sit at your desk and eat your lunch.

Do not be tempted to take on too much overtime, extra work or skipping your breaks, make the most of them to try and chill out even if it is only 30 minute break take it.

Try not to have too many sugary snacks, swap it for fruit or some almonds, even too much coffee or fizzy drinks can affect you, keep hydrated drink lots of water. There are certain types of food that can help such as:

  • Asparagus. Depression has been linked to low levels of folic acid, a vegetable that boosts this mood-enhancing nutrient is asparagus if you do not like the taste you can always add a sauce

  • Avocado. We need B vitamins for healthy nerves and brain cells, and feelings of anxiety may be rooted in a B vitamin deficiency nature provided us with many good foods that can help us combat stress.

  • Blueberries is another super food as they call it rich in fibre which can help reduce cholesterol thus reducing the risk of heart problems

  • Milk.  we all know we get calcium from milk promoting strong bones and teeth

  • Almonds contain health fats., help reduce hunger and weight loss, they also contain fibre, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. 

  • Oranges lots of fruits contain vitamin C and fibre 

  • Salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and other useful nutrients that can aid our well being

  • Spinach. is not to everyone’s taste however it is packed full of good nutrients if you do not like it on its own try adding it to something your cooking perhaps a curry 

These are only a few of foods we can add to our diet daily it is important you take care of your body and mind


So how can we balance work out this great video helps us understand the triggers and ways to help.



There are many alternative therapies out there and it is useful if you working in a city it gives you the opportunity to get a massage or go for a swim and helps break up your work day, the big craze going around now is colour therapy I have always enjoyed colouring in though it is not everyone’s cup of tea.Relieve stress using colour therapy

if you want to try this out fine but please take it away from your work area, breaks are so important and getting away from your work station is beneficial to you.

There are many workers who suffer in silence and find it hard to acknowledge that they are simply not coping, we all have our limits and there is no shame in seeking out help, I strongly urge anyone feeling this way to seek help or take steps to make changes to ease the stress or depression.

Consider making an action plan, write down the things that cause you to feel pressured and stressed.

If your stress is related to a person work out when would be a good time for you to talk it over with them, if you start feeling angry or stressed try counting to ten, if you become to angry then walk away till you feel in control of your emotion..

“Act do not react” take control of the situation

If you are under financial pressure and struggle to find a solution enlist the help of a trusted family member or friend if this is not an option try the services of a financial advisor, there are places such as local debt advice you can even give them consent to negotiate repayments for you, as ringing around to sort each one out adds more stress.

Be realistic when setting goals take small steps, prioritize the stresses in your life.

Work often comes attached with targets and deadlines, design a spreadsheet to help work out a realistic timtae frame to get the most important tasks out of the way, google docs is a great way to set a schedule.

Work issues can often impact on your personal and family life adding to the stress levels, talk with your partner explain what is going on however try and factor time on the schedule for your family, keep communications open and ongoing.

Even though working for yourself from home has a certain relaxing way to it you can feel very isolated, some family or friends may think you have all this free time and can work at anytime, having a schedule and keeping to a routine such as getting up as you would to commute to an office helps, planning your tasks for the day and why not check out a website called Meetup there are many interests business and leisure times vary so it can work around you and touch base with like minded people.

If you are fortunate like me and live in a rural area get out enjoy nature, surroundings can really lift your mood and relax the mind, something simple such as lying under a tree and watching the leaves blowing in a gentle breeze or listening to nature can calm the mind.

We all need some sort of outlet or passion that helps us deal with stress for some it is golf and others it could be white water rafting, if you have financial pressures look for some free pastimes that you will enjoy and does not cost anythingyoga for mind and body

Exercise releases endorphins and we often hear people referring to a feeling of  euphoria, so why not get started today and tackle the stress in your life , one step at a time.

If you feel your job is really getting to you consider having a change of career or if your able reduce your working hours, if you need additonal income without too much stress check out my post on online work.



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