How to think outside the box and make money

By | 26/07/2018
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Who is blogging for ?

I do not know about you, but many people that I come into contact with ask me what I do for a living simply do not get how I can make any income from blogging.

I will admit when I started out the same thoughts went through my mind, growing up we did not have the technology that is around today and to build a website you needed good coding skills, in fact they did not even have computers in my school and my keyboard skills are a result of being a very good touch typist, so really that was all I had going for me.what inspires a blogger

Blogging seemed like a strange word to me and I could not see why anyone would be interested in the reading other peoples opinions or what they were doing on a day to day basis.

So what exactly is blogging all about, if you were to look at the dictionary it defines it as, writing about an event, situation or a topic. In away, I see it as another form of a newspaper, that tells you what is going on in the world, Lets you know about events etc and contains ads.


What is the purpose of blogging

As well as being used for sharing information and networking with others, a bit like social media, blogging is the art of producing content to help others who are searching for solutions, products or services, take a review on a product this is a blog post more often than not, it gives information and their opinion on it as well as the pro’s and con’s this in turn helps the visitor understand more and would perhaps help them make a choice.


What is the benefit of having a blog

If you are a company it is important to engage with your clients and having a website these days is a must, the way people shop has change over the years, it is estimated that around 1.66 billion people from around the world buy online and in that same year global e-retail sales (2017) reached 2.3 trillion U. S dollars, that is a vast market place and a lot of money. Even if you are a local business having something online, giving people information on who you are and what you provide has relevance.

If you are local and that is your target area I would recommend you join “Google my business” within there you can have a very simple website and select area’s you service cover and keep your clients up to date with what is going on.


Where can you blog

There are a number of places you can blog:

  • Have your own website
  • Local businesses can use Googlemybusiness
  • WordPress
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Quora this is also good for idea’s to.

There are many platforms out there find a few, learn how it works and stick with them till you become established then should you wish you can share on many more platforms, Having your own website is much better as you can simply do a post and share it on several platforms just by clicking the icon.


Understanding your visitors

It is important you try to understand the people who visit your site, if you are like me I do not like reading through mountains of information to get what I need to know, people tend to skim when reading are your points clear enough, do they stand out, is it helpful and can you provide a solution or answer to what they are looking for.what can blogging do for you

Think in terms of what you would type in your search browsers when you are looking for something on the internet, for example say you need a dog walker, you would probably put in that term then add your local area, so you are narrowing down the choices, this is what most people want to be able to access information quickly and it being relevant to that search.


At this point you might be thinking what has this to do with thinking outside the box, creating involves learning, skills, research, tools, passion, knowledge, action, this is the process that brings together your finished article.

Say you love fishing and want to turn this into an online business and you do not want to hold stock how would you go about it ?

Here are my steps to building this as a business.

  • Research, I use Jaxxy keyword search tool for this, it can be done manually however this is quite time-consuming
  • Fishing is a broad niche so there will be a lot of competition and you need to be found on google Page 1 is the target, so you need to narrow it down. Here is an example. The average search for the term “Fishing” comes up with 201727 from that result you then get the traffic ( people actually visiting sites) 34294 the possibility of conversion is 206 so there is quite a bit of competition, so Lets look at another term “Fishing line” the average search for that term is 8401 so not as many searches, traffic is 1429 less traffic the chances of conversion is 144 so not quite as much competition. The winner for me is “How to land a big fish” average searches are 4127 the traffic is 702 which is much less that the other two however the competition is only 57 so you have a better chance with this.get your thinking cap on
  • Products from the niche “How to land a big fish” brings opportunities to other related aspects, how so ! you can promote or sell products related to landing gear for fishing, give advice, add some videos they do not have to be your own youtube is a great resource and it is fine to share them.
  • Ranking everyone would like the page one with google as we all know you have more chance of bringing visitors to your site, you get ranked for many keywords so it just does not come down to one word or term, remember content should be useful and the information relevant to your title.
  • Be unique, try to stand out from the crowd, read other reviews on the products is there something missing that you can focus on, read posts on the topic can you show another way, make it simpler to understand or see it from another view point. Do not be tempted to take other peoples work, not only is it unethical but it could land you in trouble.
  • Find a mentor. It really helps people who have tried and tested the waters, this doe not need to be one-to-one I am part of a great education platform with vast amounts of knowledge and experience, one of the people I follow is Jay Neil who is the live training coach for Wealthyaffiliate, this webinar goes into more detail on research in your chosen niche
  • Need inspiration or motivation try talks from TED there are lots to choose from.
  • Amazon and eBay offer information on the top selling products and what is trending.
  • Use videos they do not have to be your own YouTube has loads, unboxing is another way if you have the product you can video yourself opening the product and doing a walk through of all the features etc. Make sure you use the embedded link for your website.

It is about finding that gap in the niche that you can focus on as with most things it is trial and error that bring the results.


My thoughts on affiliate marketing

At the onset of my journey into the online marketing world if someone had simply said it is selling on a commission basis I would have grasped the concept much faster.

However, having said that it is not all about selling, it is truly sharing your experience, helping others make the choice and giving an opinion on something you have tried and tested not all my product reviews are positive, like many people out there.

I have gotten excited about a product or service, bought it and was left utterly disappointed, even been caught out with the odd scam, as they say if something seems to be too good to be true then it generally is.

It is a rare event getting rich overnight just by simply shoving something up on the internet, if you want a serious income or business you have to build a good foundation, do it right and the end product is an income.think outside the box

Affiliate marketing gives us a low cost, risk way to build a business and create an income, there are endless legit opportunities out there, if you lack knowledge then find a good training platform, I did after 4 years I can honestly say Wealthyaffiliate has great resources to help you succeed.

Learn about marketing when you are out and about or shopping, observe, listen and eventually you will automatically find idea’s, inspiration and a new way or looking at products and services.

The internet is constantly changing as is techniques which is why training, learning and updating is a regular event, make sure you keep up to date with these changes

Remember nothing happens without taking action, any tips to share or do you have a question just drop me a message


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