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By | 08/11/2018
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Many affiliate marketers constantly seek out the best way to promote products,services,convert their audience and  provide good information to help their audience make informed choices, despite the many challenges out there, this can be a rewarding business or simply an extra income.ways to generate income

We are always on the look out for good products and low cost ways to promote these products, free is a great bonus and it also can allow you to take a test drive to see how it works for you and reduce some work in the process, maintaining a presence on social media can seem all consuming at times.

I am a member of Traffice Ad bar, useful tool for advertising, it was a source a helpful member of Wealthy Affiliate passed on to me, this is a great place to learn and you can take a free test drive to.



So what is Cash Juice !

It is referred to as the Cash Juice Plan and is free to use, it is a automated system that allows you to share your content and utilize’s the Traffic Ad bar to gain traffic to your posts or websites. It can also help you earn money online from promoting the plan.

It is setup to help anyone regardless of there level, so whether you are a beginner or a more experienced affiliate this can work for you. You can either use it to promote an affilate link or your own website. Not sure what an affiliate link is ! simply put, it is a unique link that is provided by the owner of the product, within this link you will have your own personal  i.d.  so when someone buys through your link you get paid commission.

There are simple steps to follow to get started and information and how to leverage Cashjuice to improve your business potential. You can use the mobile app or the desktop version, I go between the two depending on what I am doing with it,

What it does for you.

  • Helps build an audience
  • Turn your audience into a potential income
  • Join the Cashjucie community members area
  • Utilizes Traffic Ad bar

There are many ways to find resources to promote your business, the challenge is how to stand out from the crowd, there are many people who are successful affiliates, took me a bit of time to grasp it all, when I set out to build an online business I had zero experience, it was hard at times, but it can be done.


Setting up process with Cashjuice

Setting up is very simple to do and they do take you through step by step, there are four steps to setting up your account the funnel they use is Traffic Ad bar,  At this stage I do not know why they are using this funnel to drive traffic, it could be said why not just use Traffic Ad Bar, Cashjuice is new on the scene time will tell how effective it will be working alongside Traffic Ad Bar.


When you setup your account you will also be asked to link up with the Traffic Ad bar. In essence you are setting up two accounts and they are linked together. Traffic Ad Bar does offer some great features of its own.


There are two levels of membership within Cashjuice you have the free option which is a good opportunity to see how it does, they offer a lifetime membership which is a one off payment with a 56 day money back guarantee, the grand launch is November 3rd the price is $29.50 usd.

So what is the difference and is it worth taking the lifetime membership, here is how it compares.


Traffic for your website









How do you earn commission ?

As well as promoting your own business you can earn commission for promoting CashJuice, there are two ways in which it works.


  • You earn a direct 15% if one of your referrals upgrades to a paid service.
  • You can also earn a commission based on your activity and the activity of your referrals and downline, the more active your members are the greater your share of the activity pot.

When you have earned the minimum amount, commission is paid at the end of the following month, make sure you enter your account details to get paid.


Promote your posts for free !

One of the Cash Juice features offers the chance to promote your posts, you can do this either on a desktop or you can simply download the app and use another device such as your phone, simple and easy to do.



The cash juice plan is very new on the scene so I will be testing it out and have decided to give it one year to see how it performs, did upgrade and take the bronze membership to give me some more added features, all in all I think risking £29 as a one off payment is not too bad.

One of the useful benefits of CashJuice is that you can track how effective your posts are, unless you have a decent sort of budget advertising can be very costly, so always double check what you are getting for your money.

I often see people sign up to platforms such as this and do nothing with them, in the beginning I was guilty of this, why!! simply because I did not understand how it all worked, heck I was new to the world of online business so the process seemed tedious to me, just take action watch the training video’s go over it as many times as you need, so what if you make mistakes if you are using a free option then there is nothing to lose. Perhaps that is why we can drag our feet and not work at it.

Working from home is great but it also has its downside and the main one is getting work done, try and plan your week ahead set out times for specific tasks,  traffic exchange site tasks, social media, training to keep you upto date with changes and working on your websites..

Running an online business needs constant input, that does not mean you have to spend 10 hours a day on it, just allocate times for the jobs that are needed, word of warning about social media, it can be a time thief so be strict about times and when you post, when you have done this do not stay on come away.

Have you joined Cash Juice perhaps you would like to share your experiences here, please feel free to leave a comment on your experience !






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