Increase traffic to your website

By | 30/01/2018
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How to increase traffic to your website


With over one billion websites out there how can you be found ? there are many ways to drive traffic to your websitedrive traffic to your website

  • SEO 
  • Social Media
  • Paid advertising
  • Collaboration
  • Search engines
  • Networking
  • Blogging/Content
  • Keyword or phrases

I am sure there are others you can add to my list however they are the main stream sources most people know about, you can have really good traffic going to your website but is it the right sort, for example say your promoting a product such as a chainsaw do you think woman searching for clothing are interested in your website or what you have to say about tools, is she a potential customer !

No they are not, you need the DIY enthusiast or a tradesman, so lets break it down a bit, when you set out or building a business money is often tight so having a budget for advertising may not be possible, so lets focus on free methods of attracting traffic.


Now this may seem a bit daunting however if you give your customer easy to understand information relating to whatever it is they are looking for it narrows the field down for them. Google is one of the biggest search engines and 65% of all internet searches pass through their portal.

Getting potential customers to your website is the first step, now you need to keep them there, having a good post explaining the product or service they are looking for makes buying so much easier for them. You need to have a good keyword rich post that is relevant, helpful and engaging, if you want to know more on keywords/phrases just click here. Targeting search words is very important, you do not need to be a brilliant writer all you need to know what is it the customer needs.become a successful blogger

When your looking what questions do you need answering, will it do what I am looking for, is it value for money, think about it, how would you search for something, but do not over think it.

If you already have a website, go over your old content update it and improve it, keywords and phrases change and they might not be as effective now.


Social Media

We all know how effective social media can be however as with everything it can also have a negative impact, make sure you know the rules of posting on the various platforms for example you can create a post and link it back to your website however you are not always allowed affiliate links.  What are affiliate links? in simple terms they are links to products or services whereby you receive a commission should a customer buy.

Affiliate marketing is another form of advertising for many retailers out there and it is a growing method of advertising for companies. If you want a bit more detail on free advertising methods go to this page if your are a small business or setting out.


getting traffic to your website

Check out brands that are successful, look at their ads, are they unique, do they standout, good quality images are a must people are more visual, is it appealing, we all know the saying” a picture is worth a thousand words, does it explain things well and is there a clear call to action.


Paid services

You can get companies that offer service such as taking care of your social media and getting traffic to your website, however they can be very costly.

Sometimes Google offers a free $75 or something along those lines to get a paid advertising campaign started whichs is a good offer but if you do not know what you are doing you could end up with a nasty shock and a big bill.

All of the social media platforms offer advertising packages, which can specifically target your audience whereby it can be very effective it can also be costly, so if you go down this road make sure you know what you are doing.



So what is collaboration, basically it means working in partnership with someone else or a group this can be useful, now it does not mean that you are partners from the business point of view, just means you will support each other this could be a simple guest posting article they put on their site or you could place a advertisement on their site.

This can really benefit you if the other party has a good source of traffic and followers on the other hand it could be you that has the good traffic flow. Bouncing idea’s off each other can be useful and help you think outside the box.



Even though you might not have a physical business networking is still a free useful way to get the word out there about your website or products your promoting. Join forums with like minded people, get out see if you have a workshop or just places were people meeting that are in the same line of work, is a great place for this, you would be surprised just how many groups there are wither it is just for dancing or business there is loads to choice from. If you have a business account check with your manager or sign up for online alerts as some offer advice and workshops to.

If you are in England there is the chamber of commerce or in Scotland it is know as business gateway, they offer some free courses, network meetings and give business support, if you are elsewhere in the world check with local Government. We are in a world were there is constant communication going on so there are always opportunities out there, even a small card in a local shop can be a starting point, community notice boards and the list goes on.


Now this one can be over looked and you may not feel comfortable about making a video but keep in mind that YouTube get a lot of traffic to, you can create a video without you being in it, does not have to be really long either between 4 and 9 mins is a good guide,

Every day 1,300,000,000 users access YouTube and 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. In an average month, 8 out of 10 views are between 18-49 years old, now that is some serious traffic right there and when you look at some of the categories there are area’s that are just crying out for more up to date content.


There are numerous ways to get word out there about your business and website, if you are a local business get yourself on Google My Business it is free and they even have a basic website with in the platform, to have this you must have a physical address, it is easy to setup, just follow the steps.

Now social media is a great free method however keep it simple, platforms such as facebook and twitter etc are time thief’s. So set yourself time each day to deal with them, master one first before moving on to the next otherwise you will get overwhelmed. Time is important and you need to work smarter. I set myself times in the day for posting and interacting on social media personal stuff is usually confined to lunch breaks or evenings at home but I still do not stay on for a long time.

When you are new to building a business online it can all seem overwhelming just take a step at a time, work out a schedule of your tasks, factor time in for working on your traffic growing, remember new sites take a bit of time to gain google site trust, just keep writing content, sharing on social media and as you master these skills you can take on bigger things.

There are endless ways to improve traffic flow, chart your methods and see which is more effective for you, like me there will be methods that simply do not work. Google analytics can provide great insights into your traffic sources and where they are coming from, tracking links and targeting area’s is a good method for judging how effective your campaigns are going.

Currently I am trying out Traffic Ad Bar which is a free service to earn credits you need to view other ads, you can earn traffic for your website. Will cover this later in a new article.


If you have some tested methods of increasing traffic , why not share your success here leave a comment !









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