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By | 08/03/2018
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my review on Jaxxy



There many ways to search for f[keywords to create good content on your website, you can do this manually and it is free however it is time-consuming and how accurate is it !

Google offer services such as Keyword tool amongst the many others out there you have to pay for it, having the right tools to get any job done is a must, those who work in a trade such as a joiner know the importance. Writing content for your website is no different, we need to understand our competitors and find our place within the vast market place, this is what Jaxxy helps you with.


So how does it work ?

When you are creating content for your post you have to come up with something to stand out from the crowd, to do this we need to find good keywords or phrases that are being searched but do not have much competition so that google will rank you well for it.

This is where Jaxxy comes in, find your niche, pick your topics, come up with a good headline this can be done in a number of ways however doing it manually takes up a lot of time.

With Jaxxy just type in the phrase, words or hot topics and it will calculate it all for you, it is very easy to use and I find it invaluable, not only does it come up with keywords it can also help you select a profitable niche.


Benefits of Jaxxy

The question everyone asks is how can it help my business grow, and what will be the cost of it as we all know that some software can be expensive. Everyone wants to save money and we need to see the value we are getting for the money we are spending. So Let’s have a look at the benefits from using Jaxxy.

  • Provide you with the number of searches are being made on a product, niche and keywords
  • How much competition there is.
  • What is your chance of getting on page one of google with your article
  • Information is current and up to date
  • Find affiliate programs

Depending on your package there additional features with the Pro and Enterprise subscriptions.


A quick glance inside of Jaxxy

Below is a snapshot of how it is all setup to get you on your way.

using Jaxxy for keyword search
As you can see there is a number of options in the top menu bar, however Let’s focus on this image for now, I decided to check out the competition for the phrase “building an online business” underneath where I have type in the search you have some other options so Let’s take a look at what they mean:

  • AVG – average number of searches each month, means how many people used this term when browsing.
  • Traffic – The amount of people that actually clicked the link after searching this phrase
  • QSR – This is quite important as it is an indicator of who many marketers have written an article using this phrase, so basically this is your competitors.
  • KQI – This is an indication of how likely you are to get ranked with this phrase and if it is worthwhile writing an article based on that particular phrase you are always looking for green

Although, there are other points to consider this is the main things we will look at to determine how effect your article will be.

Once we have type in the search term it will come up with which is the best choices, see the screen shot below. You may also notice on the right-hand side there are two added features which are “related” and “brainstorm” this will allow you to dig a bit deeper and come up with other idea’s.

Results with Jaxxy

Take a look at the top line (building an online business) we have the average monthly search at 160 people using that search term, the amount of people clicking on the link is 28 the QSR is 94 which means not many competitors and the KQI is great which means this is good to go.

There might not be a lot of traffic however it is still worth considering this may only be your headline, however depending on how you build out your content there will be other keywords and phrases you will rank for, please remember though google does not look kindly on what we call “Keyword stuffing” that is when people are just adding words or phrase because it helps them rank.

Content should flow naturally, be relevant and make sense, visitors to your site are looking for information or solutions so make sure you are writing for your visitor and that provide a good quality article that is helpful.


Jaxxy is not just a keyword search tool

Being an affiliate marketer I am always looking for good affiliate programs and ways to improve my business, when I set out to go into a new field of work I never realized just how much I had to learn to create a successful business the two aspects that you do need is good training and tools, my training is always ongoing with Wealthy Affiliate and for my research I use Jaxxy.

From this platform not only can you determine the best keywords to get ranked for but you can also use it to find profitable niche’s. Affiliate programs, domain names, track your articles, create keyword lists which saves you time and check your site ranking. You can also check your site ranking to see how it is coming along, this can be done checking google, bing and yahoo the most used search engines around.

These are all methods that are needed to produce good articles and grow your business, having the right resources can make a big difference to your quality of work and ranking well.



What does Jaxxy membership have to offer

Below are the three options you get with Jaxxy

Jaxxy on offer
As you can see there is a free trial offer and the other two offer enhanced features, want to try your free searches to see how you get on ! Once you get more confident in using Jaxxy you can always upgrade a bit later.


Summing up on Jaxxy

Jaxxy is one of the most advanced keyword search tool out there and it has become one of my must have tools over this last year, I feel it provides great value for the cost involved.

It is current with the information that it provides us with, they also have a help section which gives you some training on how to use it effectively and there is good support provided.

I also like that you get a free trial to test the waters before you commit to it, pricing is affordable and it is very easy to use, do not just take my word on it, give it a try out and see for yourself.

I also like the fact you do not have to download this keyword tool and it simply works from the website and does not just compare searches on google it also covers bing and Yahoo.

And do not forget it also covers domain names, affiliate programs and niche markets all the area’s you need to compare whilst growing your business, how much time will this save you ! it sure does cut down the work load.



2 thoughts on “Jaxxy Keyword tool

  1. LJacob

    A lovely way to promote Jaaxy. I went through the lesson all over again and saw its usefulness and I upgraded from lite to pro. Thanks for hitting it on the nail. This is a must sell article. Well done lol.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and I have to say Jaxxy is a wonderful tool to help you grow a business, in fact it is more than a keyword tool. I am sure you will not be disappointed in your upgrade


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