Key Steps to building your small business website

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Starting out on your new online business can be daunting especially if it is a whole new area for you, below I have set out some key steps to building your very own small business website, understanding the jargon can be difficult to, my children chuckle when I talk about certain aspects and tell me I am a geek in a making now I would certainly be happy to attain that and I think had I known how much there was to this I might never have started, but I am enjoying it and it is something anyone can do.



Depending on the name your looking for they can start quite cheaply with dot com being the most searched online try getting one of these first.

Many companies who offer domain names also offer web hosting costs vary so shop around, personally I use Namecheap I have had no problems with them.

There are many others such as Godaddy and hostgator you need to choose which ever one you feel is right for you. You can also host with these providers to , costs will vary and it all depends on the type of website you want.



Choosing your theme can be time consuming as there are many free one’s to choose from, when selecting a theme make sure it is a responsive theme and is mobile friendly , would recommend if you are new to this stick with a simple layout that you can manage.

Word press offer many free options, when you come to select use the filter and select the features you are looking for it will then bring up all those features that meet your requirements and it also lets you know if you need to buy that particular theme.



So what is a plugin basically it is a piece of software that can extent certain functionality to your website, some ready made sites come with some basic plugins such as anitspam filter and a search engine.

cant get pc to work

do not break your site

It helps those who do not know coding there are literally thousands of various plugins to choose from , a word of caution be careful as to how many you add as it can impact on your website such as slowing it down or conflicting with other plugins you are using.

Always have a test site to try new plugins or change themes if anything goes wrong you will not break your working site.



Protecting you site from hackers is a very real concern limit what users you have on your back office if you do not need anyone other than you keep it that way.

  • Always back up your site
  • Have good protection on the P.C you use for your work
  • Keep everything up to date (word press have updates do them as soon as you get notification)
  • Report any security issues you may have
  • Who is hosting your websites check out if they have good secure servers
  • If you have clients and you are managing their sites with them having access to back office make sure their network is secure and virus free
  • Never use admin as your user name
  • Strong passwords
  • Hide your user name from the author archive
  • Limit log in attempts
  • There are some good security plugins such as Wordfence

One of the popular one’s to use is Antispam bee works well with the WordPress platform and you do not need captcha with it, many people may want to leave a comment but not everyone can be bothered filling in the captcha code.

This is just a brief over view if you have any concerns with WordPress go to their support page they have good support and a forum , they are also the most popular platform for building sites.



SEO stands for search engine optimization, to find additional software you will need to look through the plugin section again there are many to choose from I have found the all-in-one SEO very good it is also one of the most used plugins. so what is search engine optimization, it is a free method of driving traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization


We all understand big search engines such as google, bing and yahoo the best way I can describe it would be to see these bigger search engines and the main body, with our websites the various cogs.

If you would like a more in depth breakdown on this why not check out this bit of training. Looking at each component of building a site takes time to understand especially if you are new to it.



What is a dashboard this is the features available for you to work on your website and from here you can complete and undertake various tasks.


This is how my back of office menu in my dashboard looks like.

Back office dashboard

Website dashboard

As you can see it is the menu of all the various tools that is available to me to work on my site. WordPress  has opened the doors to many people without them having to know coding.

Looking at it from any beginners point of view it may seem somewhat daunting, however it is something even a novice can master. Quite self explanatory the tools you need to add content, images, links and everything that goes into building your online presence


What is the difference between a post and a page

Pages are the main body of your site and you do not really have to have many pages, however you do need more than one.

Posts will represent the majority of your work, for example updates, new advice or resources to the basic information on your pages that does not alter too much, for example, if you were explaining how to do your tax returns, this does not change each week or month however if there was some news breaking stuff you can do a post and link it to the page or go in and make the new updates on your page

You can either have a blog roll or a static page as your home landing page I tend to use a blog roll and organize them into categories makes it a bit easier for visitors navigating my site.


Word Press sites have opened the door for many people who wish to turn their passion into a business as you do not need to have coding experience to manage them, if you are interested and wanted to learn more on coding you can always check out the Code Academy it starts with the basics.

These are just some of the components that help build your website so if you want to put this to the test why not get started you will be surprised, just by following the right training and you can soon have your site up and ready to go, and the best thing is you can try it for free.





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