One Day At A Time

By | 21/01/2016
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Self Development

So what is self development, improving on your skills or attitude one day at a time can make a difference in your life, mindset is a powerful thing and we have seen many examples of this, people who overcome things like addiction, hero’s who step in to save lives, each day there will be some one on this journey, what do you want out of life?

Much of our character is molded by parents, teachers and all those we are exposed to as we grow up, some have had a great balanced approach and we go on to become decent adults, however there are many who have not had such a upbringing and struggle in life with self worth, confidence and where they fit in.

We can have some challenges in life that can really impact on us and the world seems to be moving at such a speed we have barely have time to stand still and reflect on where we are at with ourselves.

We all know we can train and build up skills however changing our mindset can be a very difficult thing to do, changing how we think or view something can seem impossible at times however it can be done if we really want to.switch on the power of your mind

I have come across many negative people who for some reason or another refuse to believe something good in life can happen, now I am not talking about people who suffer from depression, I am talking about fit and able people, they can really drain you and whilst we want to reach out and help build someone up if they do not do their part it is all to no avail.

We all know the saying “you can take the horse to water but you can’t make it drink”

If you are struggling with this now is the time to take action each day we wake and we have a choice as to how to deal with it, here are some idea’s to help your on your way

  • Get enough sleep
  • Healthy diet & exercise
  • Try something new could be anything 
  • Learn add to you skill set
  • Read motivational books if you cannot afford them check out your library
  • Create a dream board, places you like to see, new house or holiday
  • Smart goals  .. start with some small short term one’s add a time frame. go for it
  • Relaxation or meditation which ever appeals to you
  • Unhappy in work, look for new ways seek out other opportunities
  • If you are retired, find a hobby try and keep learning to keep your mind active
  • Feeling down, listen to uplifting music or motivational talks, there are thousands on youtube
  • Be organized especially if you work from home, have a schedule
  • Choose people who uplift you to be around
  • Have a mentor
  • Believe in yourself, love yourself and show that to those who matter in your life
  • Pay it forward, help others where you can, smile, quick hello can make a big difference in someone’s life and it is a small and easy thing to do
  • Be happy life can be challenging however you do not have to let it beat you
  • Do not let those nay sayer’s crush your dreams
  • Empower yourself and try to do the same for others

No one can sort your life out for you unfortunately we have to use the tools to fix it for ourselves there are many people who have overcome big challenges to improve their circumstances, lets face it all the great inventions of our times have not been without failures or mishaps along the way.

The mind is a very powerful thing we only have to look at technology to know this, I see computers as an extension of a brain, the way it processes, evolves, learns, works things out and each day we process so much information, how amazing is the human mind.

You may well say what has this to do with building a business or even getting a new job, everything because if you do not have the right mindset how do you think you will do, how many times have we said things like I am going to stop eating junk then a short time later we are eating junk. One of my favorite places to hear great talks is Ted it is a wealth of motivation and direction from very successful people.

Here is one of the talks I think really helps and it is simple to follow, why not check it out

How cool is that and following the template is not hard so change your life,start by taking action and I wish you every success in your new journey in life.
Motivate yourself

8 thoughts on “One Day At A Time

  1. Kat

    Hi Katie, I think all of your ideas really are helping, specially because they not only focus on working success but on personal as’s very holistic 🙂 I too have experienced so many negative people that are stuck in their life and cannot/ don’t want to move further..Do you maybe have an idea or suggestion how I can gently and kindly tell this negative people to stop bothering me?

    1. Katie Post author

      Hi Kat thank you for you comment most things in life come down to having a good balance and it can be hard to say to someone especially if it is a close friend or family member that you find it hard to be round them when they are in this place, this may sound harsh but I have said to people like this that there are two choices you can choose to stay unhappy and spoil the friendships they have or they can with your support find the help they need to move forward and become more positive, however if someone is depressed it might need treating, we make choices that work in our lives not everyone will agree or get it, I have also said that this is what I have chosen for me it works in my life but I do not expect you to follow suit but I would appreciate your support if this cannot be given the cut down the amount of time, perhaps meet up in a small group in a social setting, hope all goes well for you

  2. Johnson

    I’m glad to have come across your website, as this was indeed very useful and informative. A lot of people are facing so many challenges in life, sometimes not sure on how to go about a situation, or probably could be reason of no self motivation.

    But thanks to your review, it has indeed given me more insight on the things and ways on i can develop myself positively to achieve greatness in every aspect of my life. Cheers

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Johnson for stopping by we all go through phases of self doubt, lack of motivation the key is to understand yourself and what can spur you along, when you read up on many successful people they surround themselves with good reading, people and resources to help them succeed not just in business in their personal lives to.

  3. Alen

    You obviously have a great eye for design and i think that you will not find it hard to attract people who love to spend time on your site.

    The homepage visuals are stunning and your text clearly lays out your store’s value proposition.
    Your site design is clean and orderly.
    The site is easy to navigate The thing that I love about this site is the use of imagery that keeps the reader glued to the page.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Alen appreciate your view of my site as with most things online it is a work in progress, as well as the imagery I do hope it helps my visitors out and gives good information to help them

  4. Jolita

    One thing that I can truly agree with you is that there are a lot of people who lost their belief in life and that is sad. Even worse, they start to drag you down.

    I think the most important thing to do when this happens, to stay true to yourself and remind yourself beliefs you have and your goals too.

    Great tips, especially to look for something else when you feel unhappy in a job, place, etc. There is always a way out of it.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your comment and there is a lot of people stuck in jobs they are unhappy with or trying to juggle two jobs to make ends meet, I just hope the information or tips I give can in some way help them bridge the gap


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