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By | 22/05/2018
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What exactly are online job opportunities

There are two ways to look at online job opportunities the first is perhaps registering yourself online for a local job or your may want to freelance and hire out your skills via the internet.

Or perhaps your want to add an income to the household either way there are a number of ways to create income besides a regular Monday to Friday 9-5 job.

Are your just looking for a new job ?

  • A good place to get going is perhaps Linkedin they have numerous vacancies listed on their website and your can search in the area’s your look for.
  • If your in the UK your can search on Universal Job search, this has recently undergone some changes, just register and away your go.
  • Is there a specific company your like check out their website for vacancies
  • Many of the employment agencies have offer vacancies online as well, again your can register for job opportunities, your can also upload your C. V to the CV library which is a good place to get started, I have known many people to be head-hunted by Employers looking for staff.Thinking outside the box

Freelance work opportunities

Depending on your skills there are a plenty of opportunities to select work that is matched to your skills.

  • offers a good selection of categories your could offer your services and earn an income, could be anything from graphic design to writing blog posts for people.
  • If your can teach your could consider doing a course and adding it somewhere like and get paid for it.
  • Create a membership site if your have a passion for something your could create a subscription site offering something unique could be discounts of something, training or being a life coach
  • Become an affiliate marketer your do not need your own products to do this and many big brands use affiliates to increase their sales, low risk way to build your own business or create additional income
  • Work from home depending on the type of work your are looking for it is possible to be an employee working from home, it would seem a lot more companies are open to this type of workplace, Employers such as Amazon and the NHS are among those offering such positions as well as some independent companies who are commissioned by employers to outsource, if your do this type of work your will have to get police checks done, pay for some of your training and your are responsible for your own tax and n.i contributions
  • . Always check what the terms and conditions are should your choose this route.
Work smarter from home

Are your the creative type:

If your have a passion and the talent for creating your own products why not test the waters here, there are platforms such as Etsy and EBay whilst it might seem the choices on here are endless and how can your find that unique spot to get people to buy your products. Do your homework look at what is in demand, see who the top sellers are, is there something your can come up with that is a bit different, what are the top selling trends, with EBay your can find out what the current trends are.


Do your have unique skills ?

There are many job opportunities around especially in the commission only sector and there are many ladies out there who have successful careers with retailers such as Avon.

There are also many paid surveys out there your can do, however I do feel the vast amount of them are time-consuming for very little amounts of money, though again some people like this sort of thing and have done very well with it. if this, is something your want to do just make sure it is not just points your get.

Small businesses often need someone to help with their accounts and get them ready for the tax year ending, so if your are in this category it is worth considering.

Need new skills


There are many opportunities to be found in the online world and it can be overwhelming when search as we are bombarded with information so sifting through it is time-consuming and can be frustrating. There are also equally the amount of scams promising your overnight riches which is simply not true.

To create an income from online opportunities is like any business your need to put in the time, effort and have the patience to build up, too many people think your can build a website put anything on there and get money it is just now how it works.

Think of what it is your really what to do and achieve, write the pro’s and con’s and if investment is needed make sure your can afford it without giving yourself the added pressure of not being able to cover your living costs and business expenses.

If your do not have the skills to build an online business then look at what is available some training your can get for free but this will usually only cover the basics, at some point your will need to invest some sort of money, one of the reliable resources out there is Wealthy Affiliate, good training and support there is a basic free starter membership should your wish to try it out.

Google digital garage offer some free training which I found very good as well, small bite sizes video walk through, they also have a coding academy if this is your thing.

There are also online courses through Alison and Udemy both reputable places to check out, also a good place to network and look for local workshops is there seems to be just about everything going on there from dancing groups to blogging groups, check it out and see if there is something near your.

The internet provides a way to sell goods across the world without a physical business and never has there been so many opportunities in the work force, your may say it is very busy how can your achieve success, it is estimated that around 3 billion people throughout the world have internet access.

Major companies around the world offer jobs in a variety of ways, either a new career, different location or the opportunity to work remote from your own home.

Laura Shin from Forbes does an excellent post on working from home and lists the top 100 global companies offering the chance to work remote, to see the full article click here

Always look for reputable resources before committing to anything, should your be attending an interview please do your research so that your understand the company directives and exactly what your role will be, have any questions written down so your do not forget and be prepared.






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