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By | 10/10/2015
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What does social media do for business    world of media

These days just about everyone is on some kind of social media from Facebook to Instagram, even celebrities have used social media for personal stuff and to promote their latest song or product, there are  many businesses are using it to promote products and services.

As well as being a powerful business tool it can also be a time thief, how often have you popped on just to see whats going on with your family and friends and before you know it a couple or hours or more has passed, and how many go on and spend hours playing games.

If your serious about building your own online business you need to manage your time wisely and make it as productive as you can, if your lucky enough to be in a good financial position you can out source work, yes you can even pay people to tweet for you or post blogs etc.


How much time do you think is realistic to get the most out of social media?

Lets face it when your a one man bandit you only have so much time in any given day, building an online business like any new venture takes a lot of input in the early stages.

Want to know more on this and how it can benefit your business click here, the internet has radically changed the face of business, now we see training and courses on just about every aspect of online business.

Everyone selling a product or service needs a presence in the market the internet has opened up vast opportunities however it has also vast competition, the drive to stand out and capture the market is quite the quest.


Top 7 most popular sites on social media

Symbol for Facebook

Thee most popular social network around used for personal interaction between friends and family, it is now evolving into a great tool used for business creating a fan page is a good way to start out as it is free, when your ready they have their own advertisement platform if used wisely can be very useful.


social media twitter



Twitter took me a to a bit of time to work out what it was about , you are limited to word count and that can be a good thing after all how many of you are on Facebook and think wished they would stop post all the rubbish, now you can add images to your posts in twitter and like face book they also have a advertising platform used properly can be an very effective business tool.




Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network and is very much career and business focused it has over 300 million members which is vast, so trying to stand out can be a challenge it is very helpful to fill your profile in fully especially if your looking for a job.



tumlr icon


When I set out with Pinterest I really did not get it, this is a very visual network and it is really evolving steadily they have recently made big improvements, build followers have a variety of boards even one or two that might just be for fun, they too have started having sponsored pins which is advertising, it is not one to be overlooked I get a lot of traffic here.




Now G+ I really like, found it easy to use and it can be used much like Facebook socially or for you business, you can form private communities here which is useful if you wanted to have a membership community, or create something with in your own network they are referred to as circles, there have been rumours that Google might get rid of G+ I would be surprised if they did as they get a lot of traffic.



tumblr 2 icon


Tumblr is a blogging and social network, you can post multimedia content as well as blog from here on just about everything .. if your wanting to improve or try out blogging you can do this here and follow other bloggers, would be a good practice place to build up your skills.



instagram icon


Now Instagram has surprised me I had the impression that it was just for fun messing about with selfie’s and chit chat with friends. It is a very simple app and is all about the visual lately however I have noticed that it is being used for products and promoting businesses, it has been said that they have knocked twitter off their perch time will tell if they can stay the pace.


Now do you see the potential for your business and although it seems like this would take up a lot of time to keep all the balls in the air so to speak, there are ways to streamline it and schedule posts or promotions try having a look at Hootsuite this is a popular place to manage all your social media platforms. Also remember if your use adverts on social media work out the costs first so there are not nasty surprises.


you tube icon

These are some of the top contenders when it comes to social media platforms, one I really like and though it takes me over the 7 mark I do like Youtube it is something not to be overlooked, this is a great forum and has a variety of uses from a budding musician to an entrepreneur, you could even make a video from your phone these days.


It may seem a daunting prospect to tackle social networking especially if this is all new to you however you do not need to be in the video, you can use a power point presentation and talk through the process, you can even use animation. Just think you could have your own youtube channel much like a t.v. channel.


Some tips on how to get started with your own Youtube channel.

  1. Organization
  2. Create a description for your channel
  3. What look do you want to create
  4. Add and organize your video’s

Make sure you have a clear topic of interest look through the categories to give you an idea of what your looking to create. If you do not have an account you will need to set one up, if you use gmail makes it easier.

Want to know more on this found this nice tutorial which is current and will give you an idea what is involved.

Why not give it a go have some fun with it !! Any questions or you want to share your experience drop me a message

6 thoughts on “Social media for business

  1. Melody

    Social media is indeed a great place to promote your business or product. I am glad that you emphasized on the amount of time one spends on social media. It is so easy to get side tracked with games or chat. I often find myself caught in checking other peoples status updates on Facebook when I should be posting to my business’s page.

    I didn’t realize there were so many social media options. Thanks for sharing your list and the great explanations. Very helpful!

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for comment and it was not until I really looked at my habits in relation to social media I realized just how much time is wasted in browsing or playing games on facebook, a bit like watching too much t.v.

  2. Alex

    I have been using Twitter to promote my product. Social media is definitely a great place to promote services or products. Not only that, there are several posts on the timing to post your products. It is amazing how powerful social media is. It is almost workable without a proper website now.

    Thanks for the post, I didn’t realize there were so many social media options out there in the market. I guess I can expand my business with some other social media platforms.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Alex if glad you found it of use, a real contender for a good promotional tool is you tube this has recently secured the number one spot

  3. Darren

    I have had such a learning experience with social media. for the past 10 years, I never used any form of it. Actually I think myspace right when it came out but that was roughly 10 years ago now.

    And it’s true a one man band can only achieve so much.

    Sometimes I feel like I need a team and I could train them how to promote on facebook.

    There are many others you mentioned that I need to learn. Can you offer and good tips for promoting on google+?

    I’m very interested how posting to groups work and I’m scared to post my content more than once as google will not like spamming

    1. Katie Post author

      I remember myspace started with that to keep in touch with family around the world with the explosion of facebook social media is on the go 24/7, depending on how much social sharing you want to do you can always use something like hootsuite to organize sharing your posts. whenever I do a new post I will share it straight away then another couple of times during the week, however I also use other networks such as twitter and pinterest, on G+ you can create circles and each is its own group you can invite or you can ask to be added to a community that interests you, hope this is of help to you


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