Starting out

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Are you at a crossroad in your life, looking to increase your income or make lifestyle change


looking for success

Road to success

We are living in a time of economic difficulties, job security seems a thing of the past and more people are looking for a new work direction whether it is due to ill health, redundancy  dissatisfaction with your job , more time with the family or your a student looking to build an additional income, take a few minutes out of your time to read my full article on how to get started.

Perhaps you have tried an online business and it did not work or it is not working well enough, there is a solution, and I will show you how to get started or build on what you have.


Have you fallen victim of a scam previously ?

I did, but have been fortunate that it was not too costly for me but there are others who have lost hundreds or even thousands, stick around and I will show you how to try out a method for free to build an online business and generate an income.


Does it work

It works for me and for many others, it can for you and you can test drive it for free, after all if you were buying a new car you would take it for a test drive, check the engine,  performance and want it to be reliable so it makes sense to want the same for building a business and not everyone has money lying around to invest, I will be showing you a way to do it without any financial risk.


What stops us starting out on a new venture 

  • Fear
  • Lack of knowledge
  • How to get started
  • Scams
  • Risks involved
  • Lack of funds
  • Doing it alone
  • Support

And there are no doubt many more you can add to this, but if your on this page you must be search for something, in a very fast paced society we now live in more people are seeking for lifestyle changes, more time for family, additional income or to create a new job, for some of you it might be that this is just not for you but at least you get a chance to look at it try it out without the risk of losing money.

Wealthy affiliate offers not only good training, resources and support, you get the opportunity to be part of a community at various levels of experience and skills who will help you out should you need it without the added pressure of people trying to sell you a variety of products, it is all about everyone building a successful online business and helping each other to achieve our goals.


What is an affiliate ?

When I started out I had never heard of this before, an affiliate is someone who promotes, markets and sells other retailers products i.e. Amazon this is one of the many programs that will pay you a commission to sell their products should you have none of your own.

Not everyone has their own product nor do they want high setup costs when starting out, selling other people’s products not only saves on costs but it gives you a safe way to build without the stress of  holding stock,posting, taking orders, dealing with any problems, refunds and any other dispute a customer may have.

There are many ways to source products and this is all covered within the training program and how to add your links.



What does it take to create your own website and build it into a successful online business

It will take patience, time and a serious commitment from you, like any business you need to do your research, creating good content and making sure you have the right tools for the job, as you work your way through the program you will find there are many things to be considered when building your site and the way you work.

Gone are they days when you could throw something together and put in on the internet, search engines are more sophisticated now and they are looking for good quality content, easy navigation of your site so that the customer has a good experience.

Is your content relevant, is it helpful, does it contain accurate information and does it appeal to your target audience.

Most people always ask is their money to be made, yes you can,  will it be overnight  no it will not, few affiliates make money over night when they first set out, like I have mentioned before you need to work at it and set goals like you would for any business just starting out.

If you already have a site up and running but it is not doing so well Wealthy Affiliate can give you extra training and insights on how to gain more traffic, make useful changes and give you advice and support.

So whether you are inexperienced, not technical or have your own website already there is something for everyone.




5 thoughts on “Starting out

  1. admin

    Thank you but you need to remember it is only the start takes time and a lot of work

  2. great content

    I’m usually overly critical when it comes to writing. However, your sources are great.

    1. admin

      Thank you it is all a work in progress and I feel if anyone is really interested in working for themselves it would be good to give them honest resources

  3. Anjana Rajendran

    Really I am overwhelmed by your knowledge and ideas,Just now only went through both your websites and i canot stop commenting on it . Rich content, excellent presentation really I appreciate yourtalent and ability.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your kind comments I have been fortunate to have had some great mentors and access to great resources, still on my journey and so much more to discover and learn, building an online business is a opportunity open to many people and I believe its the future of commerce to


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