The Affiliate in Marketing

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Is affiliate marketing for beginners ?

When I set out to start an online business affiliate marketing was something I had not heard of before nor did I have any idea about marketing, building sites and all the steps you need to create a presence online.believe in yourself


We first need to understand exactly what is an affiliate marketer, best way I can explain it is as a person working in partnership with a larger organization such as Amazon to promote or review products and services.

Why would anyone want to come to your site instead of going direct to the larger organization,  some people may simply want further information, others do not like having to trawl through large amounts of products or services.

Affiliate marketers tend to narrow the field down for you and give an impartial view of the product/ services


There are many companies and website based businesses who have affiliate programs to help promote their products, commissions vary depending on the Organization and product.

Organizations use places such as Clickbank to select affiliate marketers for their products,  Amazon do have their own, however it depends on where you live so if your in the USA  you will need to check and see if they operate in your state.

There are other sectors you can look to work with in such as building websites for small businesses, writing content for others, social media work such as tweeting for another organization or simply just focus on marketing a product for others, the upside of that is that you do not have to ship items, deal with any problems and keeps your costs down.

Naturally having your own products means the whole profit is yours .

If you want to know if a retailer has an affiliate program go to their website or type in the name for example, here is how it looks.becoming a amazon affiliate


Amazon is one of many offering affiliate programs, some retailers offer it straight from their own platform and others use service providers such as Commission Junction.


In simple layman terms your promoting what ever product you choose or service and receive a commission for you efforts. You first need to understand what it is you want your website to be about, there is not point having a site dedicated to children’s toys and promoting fishing products, it needs to be relevant to your niche.

Quick guide to affiliate marketing

  1. Decide if this is for you
  2. Choose your niche
  3. Research
  4. Build your site do not forget you will also need hosting
  5. What audience are you looking to attract
  6. Content for your site (What will you write)
  7. What images will you use ( if your with someone like Amazon you can use the one’s provided)
  8. How much time are you willing to spend
  9. Do you have a specific amount you wish to earn
  10. Do you need further information
  11. Be focused
  12. At sometime you will have to invest some money you do need to see the potential of the investment
  13. Be realistic about a time frame of achieving an income
  14. Do not give up your current job till you have a regular income

Always make sure you sign up with a reputable program, if you have a favourite store why not see if they run their own affiliate program.

Make sure you understand how frequent you will get paid and there is often a minimum payout, money is normally paid into your bank or your paypal account

using paypal

Signing up for paypal is easy and free it is useful to have to either receive money or pay for things



Do your homework and research and as much as you can before you make a decision there are no overnight get quick rich schemes, the internet is awash with scams so do not get caught out.


Google works hard to identify scams or false sites but with so many around it is hard to keep up with the scams, a well known quote most of us has heard of is ” if something seems to good to be true it usually is ”

Google has a help center so if you would like to read a bit more on it here is a good article by the help your business profile

One way to look at it is if you had a job and your income is based solely on the commission you earn, if you have you have your own product you can market it this and the whole profit is yours but bear in mind you will all have to take care of shipping, customer complaints and all the additional overheads.

When I set out to discover more on affiliate marketing I did not realize just how much was involved in undertaking this project, however it can be done as long as your willing to work at it and have patience it can take sometime to see results of your work.

I have also come to accept that not everyone understands the nature of your work and often do not take it seriously, it can also be difficult to work from home, keeping focused and organized is a challenge in itself, the time involved putting things together can also run away with you ,


Affiliate networks


Some retailers such as BHS have there own affiliate program to  so have a look, if you have a product in mind to promote just go to their website and look for the Affiliate tab, sometimes they run their own or it will take you to the affiliate network that they work with.

Perhaps you still cannot see how this could work however there a many people who have successfully made a full time living out of being an affiliate marketing

Having the right training and tools to fully understand how this all comes together is something that is needed unless you already have the knowledge,

Why not put it to the test you can build a trial site for free if you would like to know more on this please click here for a easy to fall walk through of the process and gives you the opportunity to see first hand if this is something you can build on.


From a small acorns grows the mighty oak how will your build your future!



















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