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By | 17/01/2018
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So what are keywords ??

In simple terms a keyword/words is part of a text that you enter to access further information the password in your computer or a key to open a door is on example.

When you start writing blogs, posts or articles on your website you have to think along the lines of what are people searching for, in other words what do you type in to either find a answer to a question or something you want to buy.searching on google

With millions of users and providers online you are looking to be found so one of the ways to get placed well in the google search engine is to have good quality content with words that can act much like a key.

Now  having keywords is fairly important you do not need to have them all over the place you can actually be penalized for this , having natural flowing content much like having a conversation with someone is better, it has to be relevant to your topic and make sense.


Even though they are fairly important do not get hung up on them as this is not the only way you can bring visitors to your site, focusing on them too much can have a negative impact on the quality of information your conveying to your visitors.

Once you have selected a keyword just do two things with it Place it somewhere in the title of your page/post secondly have it within the first paragraph make sure it flows naturally.

Once you have done this just write and focus on showing your visitors how to either sell their products or how to build an online business, lets face it no one likes to be talked at, we simply like to be shown how to complete the task.

There are many places to source keywords and whilst some services state that it is free you often are limited in the searches and to view more comes at a cost, google did have a free keyword tool which was replaced by the Keyword planner however there is a cost to it Jaxxy is also a paid service they offer you 30 free searches, so you can try before you buy it is one of the more advanced tools around.


What is Jaxxy ?

Jaxxy is a more advanced tool to help internet marketers who market products and services for a living, it is also part of SEO, with more than 3 billion online users there are tons of opportunities out there that have still not been used as yet,  when you visit a shopping mall at its busiest you get a sense of just how many people are buying, now think about the 3 billion active buyers online,, vast market place, it would take some construction to build a mall to take this amount vendors and customers.

So instead of having a physical shop you need to have a presence in this vast market place so creating posts that stand out really matters, This keyword tool can help you find gaps in the market place that would be profitable, find words/phrases that get a lot of attention but have little or no competition. This is a must have tool for the serious marketer out there.  Want to try it our for yourself get 30 free searches 


What Jaxxy does not do is build the online business for you it is a research tool to help you identify keywords, niche’s and build your website for you, if you are interested in building your online business the check out here


There is a free way to search for keywords, called the alphabet soup technique, what is this method ?

Say you were searching on the phrase how to, as soon as you starting typing these letters google starts making suggestions to you. if it is not want you want you keep typing in what it is your looking for then you get a page with the relevant content to your search.

Just think what would you put in to find the answer to what your looking for.!

There is also what we term as long tail keywords this is simply a phrase such as how to make pancakes have you every asked google how to and when you do does it not offer a selection of choices, which are the top five you see when searching.

Even if it is in the top of google number one page how many are competing for that spot, how can you determine if this is going to be a good prospect well chosen phrase that flows well within your post or article can bring better results that rank well.

top of google search

As you can see at the top just how many results there are, to get on the number one page of google takes time and patience and understanding what works.


On this next image you can see the first ten pages you really need to be within that parameter ideally first three is even better and if you got on the first page well done you have grasped the use of keywords and quality content well.


google pages

Now with that many searches and  related searches you are looking at least ten pages .. how many pages will you click to search for something, I know I will not usually go beyond four as it is time consuming and we often want the answers quickly.

It is all about balance and you can still have a good keyword/words however if the actual quality of you content is poor people will not stay and read your page or post, and we want visitors to enjoy the experience and find what they are seeking. As you can see this technique whilst it works can be very time consuming with Jaxxy you type it is and it does all that for you and comes up with the best option.

Do not get lost in the crowd focus on your visitors and what they are looking for, give the answers, suggestions like guiding them through a journey and give good information on your website.

Lastly remember to have fun with what your doing those google bots are not so concerned about the keywords they are working out the quality of your work, does it help, are visitors engaging on your site, try and encourage them to leave feedback, or follow you.

Why not give it a shot and create a good solid web for those all searching google help the bots  find you information faster and provide useful information or products to your visitors.help google find your website

2 thoughts on “What are keywords

  1. Darren

    you make so many good points in this article. Keywords really are the most important thing to understand about being found on google or bing.

    I was confused for so long about keywords. I still have a lot of questions actually.

    Where do I learn what keywords I’m ranking under? I write my posts and I use my keywords but I’m not finding my pages on google. One tip i noticed you said that if you put them inside your content to much you can be penalised. I do have it in my body a bunch.

    Do you think updating my post would fix it?

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your comment to see which keywords are ranking best you can go to your google analytics and check there, I would also suggest that if your traffic has tailed off a bit go over your content and removed some keywords perhaps replace them with related words see how that works


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