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By | 12/03/2018
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Can blog marketing really work ?

If done correctly using blogs can be very effective in your marketing strategy and there are many successful bloggers out there.

So what is blog marketing? It is any process that publicises or advertises a website, business, brand or a service via blog posts, much like writing a article in the newspaper which informs you of a process or helps you achieve a outcome.


How do you use blog marketing.

It is a basic foundation of an effective direct response to social media marketing strategy. With the purpose of turning marketing into revenue, you must engage your audience with content that’s useful before you start to sell, it is important to remember it is not just about selling your content should be informative and helpful, we use content to build trust, bring attention to a problem, solve the problem, and then sell your solution.

Here are the main reasons why a blogger may not succeed

The Lack of passion is one of the major reasons why most bloggers fail online, they  simply just do not the motivation to write about the products they are promoting and don’t have any passion for blogging.

They began perhaps for the wrong reasons such as just to make an income, whilst ultimately we all are looking to make a living from blog marketing if this is the only reason then how can you create a relationship with your visitors, blogging is also about gaining trust in the people who come to your webiste, providing good information and solutions needs to be the main priority.blog marketing is the way forward

When you are searching for information or a solution just think what is it I want to know about the product and service, does it help me, is it easy to understand and does it answer the questions.


What are the benefits of having a blog

Some of the most important benefits of having a blog for your business is help with your SEO (Search engine optimization) keeping content fresh on your website is important as google looks for all these things to help with your ranking.


It helps develop a relations ship between you and your visitors and any future customers, establishing some trust between you, which is why you need to make sure the information is relevant and helpful.



Some free resources to help improve your content

Have strong headlines for you blog post and make sure your website is google friendly, use social media even if you are not that comfortable the more places you are the more you will be seen. There is a software tool called Headline analyzer at CoSchedule which is really helpful, you will find as you go along you will get better in coming up with strong headlines for your posts.

Make sure you have google analytics to monitor how much traffic is coming to your site and how long they are staying on for. Have a look and see which pages or posts people are more responsive to and where your visitors are coming from. doing this can help you work out ways to increase more visitors to your website.

Whilst it is good to check on a regular basis do not get hung up in checking too much perhaps once or twice a week unless you are testing out a new strategy.

Create more engaging content

  • Consider having a giveaway such as a free ebook does not have to be a lengthy one
  • Try and get a minimum of three posts per week done
  • Video’s are a great method, if you do not want to do your own look for some resources in Youtube and embed them in just make sure they are fairly recent and relevant to the subject your blogging on
  • Shy in front of a camera you could always add a podcast
  • Infographics are also a good way of showing people information, you can create these free at Canva this is a really good place to come up with social media image posts and much more


I always stress that we need to produce good quality content for your visitors, write with this in mind, does it help them, useful information, make choices easier for them, does it stand out from the crowd and is it easy for them to understand.writing good quality content

These are the questions you should ask yourself ! join something like Quora you can select questions you can answer and in return help answer other people this is a good way to network.

When I first started blogging I found it really hard, what could I possibly have to say that will help anyone, I had never built a website before nor did I understand the whole process of internet marketing, I am now heading into my fourth year and loving it.

I also cannot belief just how much I have learned over this period of time thanks to the training at Wealthy Affiliate I have been able to build an online business, want to know more on this click here

Make your posts interesting, do not make paragraphs too long, think about it when you go to a article and it is quite long and your searching for a answer do you take time to read it or do you skim over it looking for the particular part you want, make it easy for visitors to read.

When you have written something read it out aloud, see if it flows and makes sense, does it capture your interest ! not everything written down sounds good when it is read out loud, check your spelling and grammar even though I go over it a few times I can still miss mistakes.

Writing like you are sharing a story or a personal experience, if you are doing a review on a product for example, give the details and explain why you think it is a good choice.


Using images on your post

I think most people are familiar with the phrase ” A picture speaks a thousand words” and it is true, people are visual add some good quality images to your post, again make them relevant to what you are speaking about. I f you are struggling for images go to Pixabay there are thousands of great images to choose from that are free, however if you use one or two contributors often it would be nice to buy a cup of coffee as a thank you, make a small financial contribution to express your thanks for allowing you to use their work.


Have Internal links

It is important to have the right sort of links in your content there are two kinds internal links and external links lets break it down :

  • Internal links are links you place that will take you to another page in your own website, so for example if you want to refer someone to another post for training you would place a link that takes them to that page
  • External links once clicked will take you to another website for example say your promoting a product from amazon and the visitor is interested in buying that product then this link will take them to the product in Amazon

So what effect can links have on your website, used correctly they can build a solid foundation for your website, too many links going outbound can negatively impact on your site and if google were to view this as being of no real value then it will affect your ranking and search ability.

Think about what you want to share with your visitors

Create yourself a check list to cover all the points you want to make if you need some help then have a look at this webinar on the steps to take when writing your blog post. Click here



18 thoughts on “What is blog marketing

  1. Harvey Brown

    Hello Katie, great points on blog marketing. I found the paragraph on links very informative. Given that you speak about both internal and external do you think the heading should be more generic? I always struggle with developing headlines, will give the one at Coschedule a try. Thanks

    1. Katie Post author

      Perhaps Harvey though I have found that often marketing, social and online business cross over so many aspects it is trying to break down the elements for people to understand, when I set out on this journey four years ago I had no idea just how much was involved in affiliate marketing etc. glad you found it of some use

  2. Harvey Brown

    I enjoyed the post Katie, very informative and provided some very sound advice. I learned a couple of things I did not know and that to me is really great. What I learned was the use of Coscheduler to create really good headlines, I will give that a try.
    I especially liked the part that spoke to why blogs do not succeed. So many focus on the money making part and not the providing a service or helping someone. I think that has to be said as many times as possible.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to share you views and I am glad you found some useful information as a blogger we have a duty really to provide information that will help answer questions or provide a solution.

  3. RichPersonality

    Yeah, I know what it means to write about the things that you don’t like. There’s just no motivation to do anything with your blog when you’re not passionate about your niche. I made this mistake when I first began blogging. It was boring as hell! I hated every second of it… But, years later, I came back to blogging, but I chose a niche that I’m passionate about. Things are much different when you’re passionate about the topics you get to write on.

    1. Katie Post author

      I did start off with something I knew and enjoyed as I knew the learning would be difficult at times and it certainly was having something I was comfortable with mean’t I did not have to learn that part so I could focus on everything to do with building a online business, glad things are going well for you now

  4. DorcasW

    Hi Katie; I have read through your post and I found the information that you have given helpful.

    Considering the areas that one could find himself weak in blogging.

    Are you saying that the content could be great in wording. But if the presentation is poor, it would render the content useless?

    So your help in pointing out the need for short paragraphs is really a good move.

    1. Katie Post author

      Hi Dorcas thank you for your comments I appreciate you taking the time to read the article, as to the points you raise, how we present our story or experience is important after all we want to help our visitors and make it easy for them to understand, as with most things in life it comes to to having the right balance, we need to put ourselves in the position of the visitor, what is it they are looking for, does you article answer their question or present a solution. When you are looking through a article, do you skim over looking for the bits you want ? we have to take into consideration mobile phones etc, when there is just big blocks of text do we really want to trawl through it all to find  the part we are looking for, having short paragraphs or bullet points makes it easier to read. hope this is of help to you

  5. Mike

    I loved the name of your website ! AffiliateOracle is sweet !
    You have a very clean presentation with the right amount of color and perfectly placed images. The content and layout was great and the use of affiliate links was well done and didn’t take away from the read.
    Great job !

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Mike I hope you found the article helpful I appreciate you sharing your thoughts

  6. Richard U.

    Great post about blogging and very educative. I have been blogging for a while now but it is really good to see a post that reminds you what blogging is all about.

    The guides you enumerated are quite easy to understand and follow. Picked up new ideas my ideas and thanks for that.
    Very clean theme too and I will be coming back for your future posts and articles.


    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Richard for your comment a blog can be more than just sharing your thoughts, when I first set out on this new venture I had not idea how much was involved, I also struggled understanding the process of building an online business, so when I write I hope the simplicity of it makes it easier for new adventurers to understand, appreciate you stopping by

  7. Mary Ann

    Hi Katie. Great information on blogging as this is one area I struggle in. I do have a captivating niche but tryng to portray myself as the expert is difficult. Thanks for some great ideas on what to do and not do. I keep hearing a lot about internal and external links and hope to incorporate more internal links in future blogs.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Mary Ann I do hope you do well with your niche, it all takes time to come together however I am sure you will achieve your goals, glad you found the post of some use

  8. Mia

    Thank you very much for this article.
    I am currently also working on my own blog.
    Do you know how to determine if I have too many or too little external links?
    I want to be sure that there are not too many links, so that there won’t be any negative impact.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your comment, as to your question of Links, much would depend on what type of link, if you should not have too many affiliate links, one or two going to an authority site and a few internal links going to some other articles with in your website, so long as you have good quality content as well it should be fine

  9. Mike

    Fantastic post !
    This is a fantastic looking website and very easy to navigate ! ! I have 2 web sites that are generating revenue and growing thanks to the training, hosting, tool box and community at Wealthy Affiliate !
    Your readers will be returning to thank you! Great job!

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you Mike it is finding the right tools for the job and it can be a minefield looking for them as in this day and age we suffer from choice overload. Wealthy affiliate really narrows it all down for you


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