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By | 22/02/2017
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Chris Farrell Review

After searching around for ways to earn a living online and to gain the skills I needed I came across Chris Farrell a man who had a vision to change his life and set on a road to build one of the most successful internet businesses around,he has a good reputation and is  respected within the industry, also voted no1#  for Online income services for the last four years.


Chris Farrell private membership site

Costs: 1st week $4.95 monthly fee$37

Mentor Me package costs $997

Website chrisfarrellmembership.com                 




More than 23,000 people have gone through this program with new sign up’s each day, a good place to start for the beginner wanting to build an online business. This is a private membership site only so unless you join you will not be able to access this.

This is a good starting place for beginners as it is a step by step process which is easy to follow and the good thing about video tutorials you can pause it and complete the step or just refer back to it, if your like me I find visual aids easier than following written instructions.

When you land on his site you will see there are two video’s a brief introduction and then a second video with a look inside the membership area.

new skills with Chris Farrell


Chris makes a point of telling you that it takes time to start earning money from this and though he may not have been around quite as long as some other guru’s he is very well respected in the industry.



What makes it difficult for those new beginners to the world of online marketing is the amount of scams promising overnight riches I can tell you it very rarely happens that way, it takes time, patience and understanding the process.


Lets look at the pro’s and con’s of  Chris’s membership.


  • Low cost trial offer
  • Training is broken down into manageable sizes
  • Some ongoing support
  • Easy site templates to manage
  • Chris has make a great success with internet marketing ,is trusted and knows the business well.




  • Lots of upsell’s with in the program
  • Can work out costly if you do not understand the process
  • Some parts of training can be difficult to comprehend
  • Support can be a bit limited
  • Not always active community interaction


So who is Chris Farrell?


Originally from England now living in sunny California, compared to others he is still kind of new however he has proven to be a very natural coach and has started out with zero experience now one of the leaders. I found him to be a very down to earth sort of guy and a good teacher.

When Chris set out within six months he had achieved around $250 dollars per day three months later he was achieving around $1000  and in  August of 2010 in partnership with Mike Filsaime he reached one million dollars in sales in a 24 our period with his site called affiliatedotcom this is certainly quite an achievement.

Chris Farrel membership is an educational platform to teach you how to become a online business owner either by creating and selling your own products or promoting and selling other people’s products.

Christ Farrell internet marketer

Summary of services


Many people who are seeking opportunities to work from home or build up an online business of their own get confused as to what some of the services online are offering, with many scams around it can be difficult to know what will work or if the claims being made can really happen as quickly as they make out.

There are opportunities such as virtual assists where you are contracted by a company so you will get paid per task some require you to become self employed, these are job opportunities.


Programs such as Chris Farrell membership is a platform that offers you education, so whilst you are learning you may not earn any income for at least 3 months, if you are completely new to this it can take longer.

Often one of the first questions people ask is” when will I make money” then “how long will it take” the answer is simple no one knows, much will depend on how much you work on it, what your niche market will be, how well you build up your knowledge on internet marketing, creating the site is the easy part.

Understanding techniques of marketing, how to use keywords, satisfy search engines such as google, building strategies takes more time, there is more to just creating a site than you realize.



Christ Farrell does offer a lot of resources and upgrades, however each level of his program may well involve extra costs, this is a good educational program and he has earned the respect within the internet marketing industry, has a well known track record for delivering the goods so to speak.

There are mixed opinions about his membership as is there with any product or service you will get good and negative feedback, some costs may not appear so clearly to you and there is nothing worse than joining something and you have it in your mind that it is only going to cost a certain amount only to find additional costs coming at you. .

I know I just hate it when I sign up and get it in my head that I am paying a fixed amount only to find what I want is going to cost me much more than I had  set, especially if your on a tight budget.

If you are serious about this business you will have to be prepared to invest more money at some point, lets face it with any business that you want to grow you need to spend more than you started out with, it all depends how much you want to invest.develop new skills to grow your business

As I say to people who ask me what is the best program to get on, really that comes down to you if you have the luxury of having a fair amount the this membership will be no problem for you  however if you are looking to start out with a very limited budget then I would suggest looking at Wealthy Affiliate.


The bottom line is you want to know if Christ Farrell is the opportunity it says it is and the answer is YES it is and when I searched for the training and knowledge to build an online business it came down to Chris Farrell and Wealthy Affiliate.


Recently Chris Farrell has been involved with a t.v. show called help my business, it certainly has a fun element with it and gives very good tips on growing a business, a bit quirky but worth checking out, site is called  helpmybusiness.com it is certainly worth checking out.


I did join Wealthy Affiliate as it is a fixed price they also offerdiscount on the membership during periods such as Black Friday, training is very current and relevant, live chat support 24/7 , great active community , the flow of everything was suited to me and how I learn.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. Want to have a taste of Chris’s methods of training this is some basic modules and is free, just remember his membership site is more current, however this can give you some idea of the road ahead.







12 thoughts on “What is Chris Farrell Membership

  1. Briana

    I have to agree with you …If I plan on paying a certain amount a month I do not want to join and find out later it will be more or that in order to really set things up right I have to add more expense. Thanks for a thorough and honest review!


    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your comment I personally like things upfront and clear that way you know your running costs v your income

  2. donny

    Thanks for the review Chris Farrell is all over the web and it is good to see an honest review of his system!

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for stopping by and you are right Chris Farrell commands a good presence in the world of internet marketing, my only fault with it is the amount of up sells obviously if you have a bigger budget then go for it

  3. Daria

    Hi Katie
    Nice honest review.

    Frankly saying after I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I stopped searching for other programs because I believe that I found what I was looking for.

    I wish that I can convince everyone to start online business and join WA community, this community changed my life for the best.

    Thank you

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your comment, I to stopped looking at another program after I found Wealthy Affiliate, however I do want to assist people with finding honest programs out there as well I know how if feels searching and searching, being disappointed with claims that just do not match the offer, we all learn differently and we also do not want to pay for something if it is not going to do what we are aiming for.

  4. Damien Parsons

    Chris Farrell is spoken of a lot and good things are said about the training. However, I didn’t realize the up sells.
    I’m a huge fan of Wealthy Affiliate myself but it really doesn’t seem like Chris Farrell membership would help my business at all.

    I’m glad I came across your review before I made any decisions. I would probably find this hard to sell… What’s the referral commissions like? If any,,..

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for you comment I came across Chris Farrell first and then found Wealthy affiliate I felt that this one was more suited to me and all the costs were up front and it felt the training at the time was more current , the referral commission is quite good 40%.

  5. Neil

    I’ve heard a lot of stuff on Chris Farrell Membership but it does seem like a cheap program to become a member of. However, the Mentor Me upsell is a bit concerning!

    From reading your review on CFM, overall it sounds like a training program worth signing up for, regardless of the upgrade options because people don’t have to pay out extra expenses if they don’t want to.

    I would be willing to give Chris Farrell Membership a try 🙂


    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your comment Neil, Chris Farrell is very respected in the industry and if I had not found Wealthy Affiliate I might have gone with his program, however for me the latter resonated better with me we all have methods or mentors who we connect with, wish you luck with whatever you decide, perhaps you will let us have an update


  6. Darren

    I’ve seen a few Chris Farrell videos in the past. He seems like an honest and likeable guy, however I have never signed up for any of his training as yet.

    I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, but I don’t think it’s the be all and end of all learning for internet marketing. Chris definitely has something to offer, and he also has a course, as well as the platform, to learn how to quickly build and launch your very own profitable membership site, something which WA doesn’t allow or teach. You are fre to create a membership site, but you are not allowed to host it as a part of your 50 websites on Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Katie Post author

      Thank you for your comments Damen we all have different requirements with our learning and work and Chris does have a great reputation as I am not looking to create a membership site Wealthy Affiliate suits my needs and the learning appeals to me, if I had not come across Wealthy Affiliate I am certain I would have joined Chris Farrell, we have seen Wealthy Affiliate evolve and so has Chris over the last few years with his training program, thank you for sharing your insights


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