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By | 12/09/2015
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Overview of work at home Business idea’s?

learning about online business

The learning process

The role in the workplace for woman/men has dramatically changed over the years, with many woman  trying to balance bringing up a family and meet the demands of a career bearing this in mind is it any wonder we are living in a world were more people are suffering from stress related illnesses.

There are also a lot more single parents trying to raise their family and find suitable work to support the demands and expenses of everyday living. Finding work that is flexible enough to work around this situation can be very difficult, especially when children are on holidays from school or sick, child care can work out very expensive.

So what options are there to improve your circumstances other than a game of chance, more training to enhance to work chances, find something to top up you current income or work two jobs losing precious time for your family and loved ones.

How often have we been asked what we do only to say I am just a wife or house husband, there is no, (just anything), lets face it being a parent is a full time job in its own right, no time off for sick leave, holidays or a nine to five Monday to Friday job, it makes constant demands on you and yes there are those who say you choose to have children, even so it is a demanding job and a very rewarding job in many ways, but the reality is that money is needed to survive.

For those who stay at home to either raise a family, have health challenges, caregivers and retired but feel they still want to build something for the future and are willing to devote some precious time to study, there are many courses out there that are either free or not very high in cost.

The internet has really opened so many doors to people in all circumstances in life not just in education but in the way we learn, work and do business, from banking to shopping and studying online.

The downside of the internet as we all know is the variety of scams that go on and precious time and money get lost in the process. There is also limitless information and choices and finding what your looking for can be time consuming and confusing.

search those idea's

Be the detective

We all like value for money and something that cuts to the chase, delivers what it claims and is easy to follow and understand without using coding, times have moved on so much with platforms such as WordPress certain skills are no longer needed and many hosting networks offer free sites to, but only give the basics and that is fine to get started, but if you want to take it to another level you need more resources and support and this is were the costs start coming in, eventually you need to not only invest time but money to and have the patience to let it build.

If you think this is something you would like to experiment with or enhance what you have started then why not try it out for free there is no hidden catches you are in control, no credit card needed either.

Here are other avenue’s you can explore

  • Become a ebay seller
  • Be a affiliate for amazon 
  • Create your own product i.e if your good at crafting or have a great passion for something
  • You may have a talent for life coaching
  • Do you enjoy writing or do you want to develop that

We all have something we would could market from a product to a service, if you do not want to have to ship or deal with orders then being an affiliate is the way forward for you.

CafePress is a good place if you have want to market slogan’s or artwork they offer products to people who might like to buy say a T-shirt with a slogan you have come up or you have a design that could be place on a mug, there are a number of choices, they ship and take care of the customer and you earn without all the running costs.

If you enjoy writing you can offer a service from somewhere like Fiverr,com there many different skill sets within this platform such a graphic designers.

Whilst there is no shortage of paid survey sites working in this field can take sometime to build up any sort of income, but if you enjoy this and want a bit extra make sure you use a reputable company.

Can you offer a service for instance can you teach there is always a demand for tutoring skills from music to teaching English this can be done through training you have created for a website or personally with a site as and extension of what you offer.

It is about choosing the niche that inspires you, working out what people are searching for, if your not sure what a niche is all about click here this will give you a better understanding of a niche without committing to anything,

It would also be helpful to write a list of possible idea’s and the pro’s and con’s of going down that route, either way nothing changes unless we make that decision to set out on the journey.

coming up with idea's

share your thoughts

If you have and questions please feel free to contact me either by leaving a comment or sending a message.

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