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Would you like to work from home ?

work at home

create office space at home

How easy is it these days to work from home, if you have access to the internet and feel quite confident there are various opportunities that allows you to do just that.

Advantages of working out of your home.

  • Work hours that suit you
  • Own boss
  • If you are a mum can work around the children
  • Less stressful
  • No transport problems
  • You reap all of the rewards of your hard work
  • work at your own pace
  • low cost overheads
  • do not need your own product
  • take holidays when you want
  • can work from anywhere as long their is internet connection
  • work in the way you want to

Disadvantages of working at home

  • Responsible for your own tax and insurance
  • Isolation and motivation
  • people taking your work seriously
  • not having a regular income for perhaps months
  • might not get holiday pay
  • may not have enough money to cover sick periods
  • have to set your own schedule


There are many reasons why more people are seeking to work from the comfort of their own home especially those who have young children, caring for someone or have health challenges,  working online can be very flexible and less stressful, however if your needing a regular income then you have to take on board the fact that it takes time to build an online business, even a conventional business takes on average one year to break even and some go on to make losses.

Much depends on how much time you put into it, just because it is online does not mean it requires less work that a brick and mortar business, when I set out to build an online business I had not fully understood just how much there was to it, with the right tools and resources it can be mastered and bring you an additional income or full time earnings

Finding genuine home based work opportunities can be tricky there are many scams that seem to promise over night type of success,  I and no doubt many others have discovered many of them are pie in the sky and leads to you parting with money you could not really afford in the first place then you end up feeling let down or angry.

Working from home is not for everyone, write down your goals, do some research, look at various opportunities, have an open mind with a willingness to learn, write down your own pro’s and con’s and if you can start it up whilst your still working to try it out.

Besides working from home on an online business, there are opportunities such as becoming an agent for a company however you will still not be in full control how you want to work to would have to work to their targets, standards and in keeping with their system. Some may find this suited to them only you know what is best for you and your present circumstances.


which direction

What will you decide

Getting the most out of working at home:

  • Allocate a space for working in and if possible have a desk
  • If you  have the luxury of a separate office check to see if you have to pay any commercial type of rates
  • Set a working pattern for the day
  • Get up as you would if you were going to a work place outside the home
  • Let friends and family know times your not available
  • Develop your own system for working towards building your business
  • Take regular breaks
  • Work your own system out to keep motivated
  • Consider joining a like minded networking club were you meet up once in a while

Most of all choose a field of work you enjoy for there will be those days when it is hard going, if you are a stay at home mum working out a schedule could be tricky especially when you have young children, but it is still something you can achieve, if your in the UK there is a great website with lots of useful help and resources at workingmums

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